Jeff Faust, CVA, Director of Valuation Services at ASL

Jeff Faust 150Jeff Faust joined Founders Space as a mentor. Jeff is a Certified Valuation Analyst and the Director of Valuation Services at ASL and is a part of the Emerging Business Group and Technology Group.

He has 20 years of experience in the valuation of privately held companies for various purposes: stock options grants (IRC § 409A), Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs), estate/gift, fundraising, mergers/acquisitions, and more.

Liz Skalla, Builder of Brands

Liz Skalla 150x150Liz Skalla joined Founders Space as a mentor. Liz enjoys building and growing brands – brands with a purpose that help people and/or the world. Liz has fortune 50 experience, is a past AMA board member and has a masters degree in Marketing Strategy and Management. She has started companies from the ground up, raised venture capital, mentored, advised, held board seats, build boards, and sold her first startup to a competitor. She is currently consulting growing companies and is part of the GIVN Goods team that makes it easy for consumers to make an impact on the world while buying everyday products.

Jean Lombard, Technology PR Expert

Jean Lombard 150x150Jean Lombard joined Founders Space as a mentor. Jean is an award-winning technology PR professional with more than 25 years of high tech PR experience earned in global PR agencies operating in New York, London and San Francisco.

After working within global PR agencies for 10 years, Jean established The Jean Effect, a PR, social media and marketing communications consultancy which she has operated for more than 10 years.

Jean-Philippe Emelie Marcos, Co-Founder & CEO of SignifAI

Jean-Philippe 150x150Jean-Philippe Emelie Marcos joined Founders Space as a mentor. JP is the Co-Founder and CEO of SignifAI (, a VC-backed company that leverages machine intelligence to increase system availability and performance.

Prior to founding SignifAI, he was one of the initial angel investors in and served for 5+ years as the Chief Operating Officer at Tango, a leading global mobile consumer application that went from 0 to 400M registered users during his tenure. JP was also a Silicon Valley early stage investor for 7 years. JP’s career spans 20+ years leading teams in technology start-ups and large companies as founder / entrepreneur / CEO / VC and general manager.

Pramod Dabir, Serial Entrepreneur & Investor

Pramod DabirPramod Dabir joined Founders Space as a mentor. After graduating with an EE degree from the University of Illinois, Pramod joined the Goldman Sachs Investment Banking Group in San Francisco. Chasing his interests in investing, Pramod later transitioned to venture capital at TA Associates where he focused on internet and software investing.

Jake Kuczeruk, VP of Biz Dev at West Agile Labs

WAL Jake Kuczeruk 150x150Jake Kuczeruk joined Founders Space as a mentor. He is the VP of Business Development for West Agile Labs, a digital product agency whose clients include Samsung, Ritz-Carlton, and FundersClub.

Previously, Jake founded the popular subscription menswear service Tie Society, which graduated from 500 Startups and expanded into Japanese markets in late 2014, CoFounded ECommerce startup FutureGift in 2015, and was part of the core team at, another 500 Startups batch company which helped drive the emergence of digital streaming music applications in mid-2011.

Great Design has a Story

What are the elements of great design, and how can we achieve it? In this panel presentation, we bring together three experts to share their outlook and approach to doing great design.

Through the lens of three different design environments – physical products, software and the world of art and fashion – our panelists will talk about how they use design to improve everyday experiences and change lives.

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Mark Rose

1-Day Intensive Founders Bootcamp

druDru is offering a $197 bootcamp on the webinar but will allow Founders Space people to do it for $15. Huge discount!

Here is the link to the recorded webinar and the Eventbrite link to register with the deep discount.

What is included in the Bootcamp?

Get over the 7 Massive Mistakes: Learn How To Get Your Dream Product off of the Runway, Make an Impact in The World, and Get Funded NOW!

Global Mixer

A 60-minute conversation with growth companies seeking market access for internationalization. The theme of the session will be Right Time to go Global, where the audience would be entrepreneurs seeking to grow to the next level. Multiple facets of growth to international markets will be discussed through case studies (Scaale’s success stories).

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Series A to Z

Series A to Z: A 60-minute conversation with entrepreneurs seeking to understand the multiple facets of raising growth capital. The theme of the session will be Right Time to Approach Investors, where the audience would be entrepreneurs seeking to grow to the next level. Multiple facets of fund raising will be discussed through case studies (Scaale’s portfolio companies).

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Meet with VC -SV Tech

This is an invite only event. You can inquire about it by contacting AngelsGlobal at

In 2017, AG is once again putting its efforts into rolling out a brand new event – Meet with VC – SV Tech Ventures. (Note: This event is Invite-Only! For startups, please follow up with the application produre listed below and only selected startups will receive invitation and confirmation for this event. )

More Information Here!

Empowering Corporate Innovation

Silicon Valley Innovation Center Presents: Thought Leaders’ Talks Series
One day hands-on workshops, each featuring 4 top Silicon Valley experts on a given topic, which take place every 4th Monday of the month.

February 27th 2017, San Mateo

Captain Hoff’s 7 Tech Predictions for 2017


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Captain Hoff’s 7 Tech Predictions for 2017

Unicorn Spotting!

I found two Unicorns today in San Francisco, and they were so sweet that I gobbled them up. Nothing like a billion-dollar macaroon!

Hell & Back Again!


Winston Churchill said, “If you’re going through Hell, keep going.” This attitude is what saved me in my personal life and with my startups. Don’t stop. Don’t dwell on the negatives. Figure out a way to get through the mess. That’s the only way out.

The Nix by Nathan Hill

nixJust read THE NIX by Nathan Hill. It’s brilliant, hilarious and mind-bending… that is, for the first half of the book. After that, it slowly loses its brilliance.

Is it worth reading? Definitely, if only for the first half. It’s Hill’s debut novel, and it’s an amazing achievement for a first-time author.

I expect big things from him in the future. But it’s simply too long. He could have cut it down by 30% and had a perfect novel.

Captain Hoff’s 7 Tech Predictions for 2017

2017 Predictions1) AR & VR will disappoint as adoption fails to meet expectations. Let’s face it, the experience on low-end devices is dismal, and most people don’t want to pay for high-end devices.

2) There’s lots of hype around the Blockchain, but it’s nothing but a piece of technology. Blockchain startups aren’t worth anything unless they’ve figured out a real business model.

3) General AI will fail. It’s too complicated. Narrow AI that solves customers’ most pressing problems is where the smart money is.

2017 Social Media Strategies Summit


Learn from leading marketers here to share how they achieve success on social.

Discount Code is FOUNDERS15 (for 15% discount)

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Sun Basket Rings the Nasdaq Bell!

Adam Zbar

I’m so proud of Adam Zbar and the Sun Basket team. They were just invited to ring the bell on the Nasdaq exchange, a great honor. Their startup provides healthy meals, including gluten free, paleo and vegetarian.

Adam and I were partners and cofounders of our previous startup, and it’s great to see him on his way to an IPO, while he makes the world a healthier place!

You can visit Sun Basket at

DeveloperWeek 2017 Conference & Festival


We’re offering our community 100 free OPEN Passes ($350 value) to DeveloperWeek 2017 Conference & Festival (Feb. 11-16, San Francisco), the world’s largest vendor-neutral developer conference & festival with 8,000 participants.

Register for an OPEN Pass here by Friday, January 27 using the promotional code: DW17-MU33

The 5th annual DeveloperWeek features speakers from Facebook, Google, IBM Watson, Docker, HP, Intel, Eventbrite, and 100+ more. New topics in 2017 cover VR & AR Dev, Artificial Intelligence Dev, Microservices, Mobile Dev, and dozens more.