Startup World Cup in San Francisco on March 24th

Grand Finale

Register with promo code Startup (case sensitive) for 50% discount at SWC website.

Startup World Cup is a global series of pitch competitions organized by Fenox Venture Capital. They organized 16 regionals events in 13 different countries throughout last year, and they are bringing the winners to San Francisco on March 24th to fight for a $1M investment prize. This will be a day-long global conference and pitch contest and there will be top notch industry speakers on stage, including Steve Wozniak (Co-founder, Apple), Phil Libin (Co-founder, Evernote), Alexis Ohanian (Co-founder, Reddit), Daymond John (Investor @ ABC’s SharkTank), Guy Kawasaki (Co-founder @ Garage Technology Ventures), and many others.

HardwareCon, March 24th – 25th, 2017


HardwareCon is this week on March 24th-25th and our friends at HardwareCon are offering our community a special 15% discount off one-day and two-day passes. If you haven’t gotten your ticket there is still time.

HardwareCon is a 2-day conference devoted to helping hardware startup founders & CEO’s take their startup to the next level. They bring numerous hardware experts with various backgrounds and expertise ranging from designers to investors to answer your toughest questions about how to build your hardware product and business. If you attend, you will learn something new about how to make, sell and grow your hardware product into a robust hardware company.

Healthcare & Biotech Startups Invited to Investment Summit in China (All Travel Expenses Paid)


Anhui Provincial Investment Group, a largest capital operating company in Anhui Province, is holding an Investment Summit in Hefei, Anhui Province, and they would like to invite foreign healthcare and biotech startups to participate.

The summit will be held on April 10-11.

If you are healthcare or biotech startup, and if you are interested in raising money in China or penetrate Chinese market, please contact Xi Fang at xi.fang [at] buttoninvest [dot] com and mention Founders Space. You will have the opportunities to have face to face meetings with investors.

Silicon Valley VC and Angel Roundtable on March 30th

Interested in meeting early-stage Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists in Silicon Valley? Then register for the FundingPost event on Thursday, March 30th, 2017.

$20 discount code: norcal

3DHeals Event on April 20, 2017


#3DHEALS2017 to be held at UCSF Mission Bay Campus is the first collaborative conference in U.S. aiming to create a truly collaborative global community focusing on healthcare applications using 3D printing and 3D printing related technologies (i.e. VR/AR, 3D scanning, digital manufacture, bioprinting).

Additional details and registration here.

Artificial Intelligence event on March 21


Click here for more information and registration.

Vineeth Veetil, Founder & CEO of DeepView.AI (USA)

veetil150Being accepted into the prestigious Founders Space as one among 10-12 startups globally was a true honor for us. It turned out to be a superb experience overall, in terms of focusing on the right aspects of the business and staying lean. I would recommend the program to any startup that wants to take their game to the next level.

Game Thinking Live

AJK-speaking-happy-handsGot churn? Get the blueprint for building long-term engagement into your product experience at Game Thinking Live, March 31 & Apr 1 2017.

At this high-impact global workshop you’ll learn a proven system for building a coherent path to mastery – and get expert advice from experts in Game Design, Lean UX, Product Management, and Systems Thinking that will inspire you and help you solve tough problems.

The World of IoT with Mike Bell, CEO of Silver Spring Networks


Date: Tuesday, March 14th, 2017

Time: 6:30 – 9:00pm

Venue: Fenwick & West, 801 California St., Mt. View, CA

Additional details and registration here.

Poe Man’s Challenge San Francisco

poemanThe Poe Man’s Challenge is a pitch competition that has two components. The first is entrepreneurs will teach students about their company so they are founders for a day. The second is an opportunity for you to pitch your company in front of judges, such as Dontari himself, partners from 500 Startups and TechStars to win a $15k investment from NFL Star and KC Chief Dontari Poe.

10 entrepreneurs will get selected to participate.

Mayasari Lim & Prashanth Asuri, Cofounders of SE3D (USA)

Maya150The Founder Space program is an outstanding resource for first time founders like us. The program helps cultivate a variety of skills critical for every startup, including developing the right product-market-fit and business model as well as delivering a compelling elevator and 3 minute pitch. Although the two-weeks fly by in a daze of myriad video lectures, mentor sessions, and speakers, knowledge gained from the program will guide our business for years to come.

Kos Lin, Cofounder of Theia (Taiwan)

Kos150Thanks for TIEC helping Theia to Founders Space Program. TIEC is the accelerator that bridges Taiwan Startups and the US market. Thanks for Founders Space, we learned a lot from the very intense 2-week program.

Henry Chang, Founder & CEO of Fufilo (Taiwan)

henry150Joining Founders Space was an invaluable experience for me. Not only did I learn a lot from the many resource materials and lessons, I was also immediately immersed in the local network of mentors and professionals in Silicon Valley. They have many years experience in the startup world. Everybody was eager to help and share their own knowledge and experience. I received more contacts in the intense two weeks program than I could ever normally get in a month!

Kali Ilunga, Founder & CEO of SeeSayDo (USA & South Africa)

Kali150We picked Founders Space because we wanted an incubator that understood what it means to be a global start up from the ground-up. The two weeks helped clarify our sales strategy, our investor pitch and gave us perspective on the Silicon Valley ecosystem. It also put us in a place with energized, hard-working and focused founders from around the world. Finally, the pitch day opened up some doors we are hoping to take advantage of. Thanks to the Founders Space team for the experience!

Cristian Busoi, Cofounder of Justimmo (Austria)

Cristian150Participating at the Founders Space accelerator program was a one in a lifetime experience. Especially coming from overseas, it helped us a lot to learn and understand the business environment in the US.

Captain Hoff and Naomi have compiled a tremendous schedule. The variety of lectures, mentoring by very experienced serial entrepreneurs and information sessions about outsourcing activities during your early start-up phase, was a perfect combination of all you need to know, in order to succeed in Silicon Valley; even more we also received valuable input for our overall strategy and improvement ideas for the European market.

Great Design has a Story

What are the elements of great design, and how can we achieve it? JHTC brings together three experts to share their outlook and approach to doing great design. Through the lens of three different design environments – physical products, software and the world of art and fashion – the panelists will talk about how they use design to improve everyday experiences and change lives.

Date: Tuesday, February 21st, 2017
Time: 6:30 – 9:00pm
Place: Fenwick & West, 801 California St., Mt. View, CA
Register Here

The 2nd “AngelsGlobal” Cup Startups Competition & US Finals

This year, AngelsGlobal will host 2nd Global Elite Entrepreneurs and Investors Competition in Shanghai again, and good news is that we will add a north American regional competition in Bay Area on July 22, 2017. We are currently calling for best startups to join the competition.

Register Here:

Clash of AI Bots

Demos and discussions from various startups and companies building bots across industries – travel, fashion, enterprise, bot platforms/builders, etc.

Register Here:

Our Brains are Hardwired & Ancient


Our brains aren’t like computers. They don’t have any software. There’s no operating system. It’s 100% hardware. It’s like if you had a computer and everything was hardwired.

Fortunately, the design of our brains is nothing like a computer, otherwise, we’d be stuck. Our brains are an incredibly complex tangle of neurons, which are divided into regions. Each of these regions can communicate with 50% of the other regions.

From Rags to Riches


More than any other people in the world, Americans believe in going from rags to riches. The American Dream is that anyone can rise up from poverty and make a fortune.

The irony is that the United States is actually one of the harder countries to make your fortune. In Canada and Denmark, people have practically twice the odds of rising up from the bottom 20% to the top 20%. However, if you live in certain cities, like San Francisco or Seattle, your odds are close to Canada, while if you live in places like Nashville or New Orleans, your odds are much, much lower.