How do I find investors/manufactures to help get my patent-pending idea to the shelf?


I have a patent pending for an adult toy product.  This product is like nothing on the market today, and I see it being very successful. How do I find investors/manufactures to help get my patent-pending idea to the shelf?


Naomi Kokubo

Naomi Kokubo

by Naomi Kokubo, Cofounder of Founders Space

I can only imagine what you mean by “adult” toy, but let’s not get distracted.  In order to get an investor to fund your operation or a manufacturer to license your invention, you need to prove to them that it will fly off the shelf.

Think of your product as the experiment and you are the scientist who must provide proof that it truly works.  You need to gather enough data to convince any potential investors or manufacturers that your product will make money for them.

The first step that I usually recommend for any new product is to do lots of usability and focus group testing.  In your case, I’m not sure what’s the best approach.  That said, you really need a working prototype that can be tested.

The data should include:

1)  What do people think of your product?

2)  Would they purchase it?

3)  How much would they purchase it for?

4)  How does it compare to similar products on the market?

5)  Would they recommend it to friends?

6)  What size is the overall market?

7)  What are the profit margins?

8)  Who are the distributors?

9)  How do you best market it?

10)  Can you point to any similar products which have done well?


You get the idea.   You need to gather as many relevant data points as possible and use them to either prove or disprove your hypothesis that this product will fly off the shelves.

You may also consider hiring a third party firm to help oversee the data collection and analysis.  Once you have overwhelmingly convincing data that this product is indeed all you think it’s cracked up to be, then you can start approaching manufacturers and investors.

When you begin looking for a manufacturer, target companies in your industry.  It’s very hard to get a response from someone manufacturing or selling an entirely different type of product.  Also, find out who invests in your sector and approach them.

I hope this helps!

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  1. Tracy Joseph says:

    Have you ever had to clean your refrigerator and had spills that went behind the fridge and drain underneath the crisper? Or a stuck on mess on your refrigerator shelves that you had to scrub? My invention eliminates these problems while keeping your fridge bacteria free.If investors are interested please contact me 573-705-2620
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    Tracy Joseph

  2. marvin Williams says:

    I have a product (alcoholic beverage) we been around since 2010 got a lot of positive feedback through our promotion lots of people asking for the product but it has stop due to the lack finance, how do I get an investor

  3. i have a patent pending invention, using your smart pbone see how to break the ice when trying to meet new people ,its called, nfc dating, techno dating,it has very good reviews,searching for a partnership or investor,my name is robert, 773-559-2012

  4. robert duane gouveia jr says:

    I have a saftey equipment (retractable theather) it can hold hammers , drills etc. so it like a harness for your tools when on a ladder or on high buildings.would like to get osha approved ,
    I don’t have the funds so, I’m looking for investors /partners or even buyers. Thank you ,8083398309

  5. I have a patent-pending idea for the next logical step in cup holder technology. Any where there is a cup holder will eventually transition to this type of technology. ALready featured on Buzzfeed, Time Mag, Gizmodo and all other large sites in their tech/gadget section. This is by far the most lucrative opportunity here amongst all of these listed here in comments because it is the most innovative. Here is a video of the most popular cup holder in the world with 1 million views so far:
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  6. Brandon Shackelfiord says:


  7. Rebo says:

    I have a proto of a product for a toddler toy “target age-1 1/2 to 4ish years old” Need some1 to help with the paten paper work. Or if an investor is interested contact me at I have several other inventions if your interested thanks

  8. Eli Gonzales says:

    Thank you for the info. Very helpful.
    After I do my homework, then what?
    PS my product is an improvement on an existing and strongly believe the existing product will never be made in its existing
    form. 512-825-7233

  9. Bryan Besaw says:

    Helloy name is Bryan I have a fully patented idea its a lot like a pillow pet it is guaranteed to sell its market is from children 3+ to adults I have over 1000 good reviews market wise its a 300% gain in profit and if you have any other questions my number is 7193018321 would love to hear from someone

  10. My name is Carlos Torres from the bronx , new york I invented cell phone finger holder accessories I’m leaving know doubt i invented the best concept and design along with the Best solution to avoid holding your cell phone on the seems and balancing your cell phone on your pinky finger holding cell phone . I have a home made prototype that confirm that it works and function .I need investor to patent the product to be involved through this processo f development.I have #3 more ideas for the same product . the investor must have a large amount of funding to get this started .text me if you have any interest or call ( 646-685-9633 . let’s get this world wide money . thank you .

  11. hi again my name is Carlos Torres , I’m trying find an investor to have interest patent and register cell phone finger holder accessories product I have no doubt that I have the best design and Concept from seeing the existing product posted on website. they provide no comfort and few other things , it’s a simple product idea but effective you can E-MAIL ME , or call me 646-685-9633 thank you .

  12. I to am like a lot of other folks who think their idea is rock solid What I am in need of is some contact info on people who take a leap of faith with some of us down and out inventors as my plight is due to catastrophic health concerns i.e cancer It costs a lot once you choose to live, LOL I would be willing to give up a little more % if we can find someone willing to take that leap, This product addresses a restroom concern and will have a global appeal and any general store with doors would love to have it on their shelves and there is currently nothing on the market comparable to it! Thanks and Best Regards. My contact is sandman58769@yahoo Thanks again

  13. george w. says:

    I have a patent I need help paying for! please contact me by email if you are interested and I’ll explain what. But before I tell you, you have to sign an undisclosed agreement and take a picture with it and send me the picture. I’m working with world patent marketing. I need 30,000 for the patent I’m willing to make a lucky few, partners. Preferably less is better. My email is good day.

  14. Roy W. says:

    I’m looking for an investor for my invention. Simple, usefull and practical. A better way to store and display Shoes, Nothing like it on the market. I have a patent pending, prototypes, technical drawings and a video. looking for a partner I can trust for a patent search and to get a patent and to get it the world market.
    Interested parties Email

  15. Allen Haynes says:

    Hello I have a patent that is submitted and was hoping to find a investor to build this concept of the product. Please contact me at: 253-985-5487

  16. Sheri Brown says:

    I need someone to invest in my patent pending product to help me get it on the market it will be the best investment you have ever made. Thank you Sheri

  17. Caleb Engelbrecht says:

    I appreciate the opportunity to introduce my patented golf swing apparatus to your company. This apparatus will place your brand one step ahead of the competition.
    With this apparatus you can use your full golf swing, even if it reaches a speed of 140mph, indoors at home and in the office. It could even be used at schools in a class room environment.
    a. User friendly, transportable, small and light weight structure.
    b. You only need enough space for your golf swing to benefit from the use of this apparatus.
    c. On striking the ball it will indicate to you what type of shot you have just played.
    d. No need to collect or look for a ball that has been hit.
    I am convinced that this apparatus will put your company a step ahead of the rest and believe that leaders, such as yourselves, in the sports accessories arena always look for opportunities to gain that elusive leading edge. Here, in my opinion, is the perfect apparatus to provide the leading edge.
    I will compile an additional detailed report, should your interest in the apparatus warrant, for your submission to the relevant stakeholders. All research and analysis I have been doing, indicates that this could be a mutually beneficial collaboration and this apparatus could compliment your current programs.
    I appreciate you reading my short introduction of this apparatus and await your earliest response.

  18. hailu says:


    my name is Hailu T. Tedla ; I am an independent inventor. the concept of my utility patented invention US8,398,100B2 is as follows. Imagine a pogo stick whose motion is up and down which could be modeled as simple harmonic motion. Imagine also a skateboard whose motion could be modeled as uniformly accelerated motion on the horizontal plain. Now if you combine both simple harmonic motion and uniformly accelerated motion as in my invention the motion imparted could be modeled as a sinusoidal wave motion very much like the motion in surfing. There for my invention is a self propelled ground surfing board.

    I could not afford to make a prototype which would cost me less than $10,000 I am a poor inventor hardly making it month to month. please find some way to help me license my patent or be a financial partner.

    God bless you.

    hailu T Tedla

    408 775 3407

  19. Alberto Gomes says:

    Himy name is Alberto, I have create a new kind of food container that have lots of use. It can be use to preserve food and cokin.
    It’s thinking to be a product of prep cokes of the best recipients in the inside it uses an new kind of vapor coking technology. Every recipe you can imagine in 10 minutes.
    Major application to the conservation industry .also.

    If you have interest in this feel of business please contact me, already have business plan and market studies for Europe And Angola ( Africa) an American Investor needed.
    Thank you all.
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  20. Cassandra allen says:

    Hi I already have a patent for my idea. Lookcoming for a investor to help Me get it marketed.

  21. Dwight Pulley says:


    My name is Dwight Pulley. I have a patent pending product, which derived from three instances in my lifetime, each incident occurred in different stages in my life. The most recent incident occurred approx. 3 years ago, and as I sought the help needed to solve the problem, just as the previous two times, I got the same results. After the third incident, I took it upon myself to search for a probable cause to resolve this issue, through all my searches, there wasn’t a product on the market, I then started sketching the product in existence and determined the potential of the product, in which it has the capacity and diversity to span across multiple industries: : Automotive, Avionics, Motorcycle, Cycling, Trucking, Heavy Equipment, Farming, Railroad and the Military Motor Corp. My product enhances an 100 year old antiquated process with removing the physical strength required.

    Dwight Pulley

    C: 501-612-7117
    h: 501-490-1171

    Kind Regard,

  22. Tony Thomas says:

    Tony Thomas
    My name is tony and I have 3 Patents and I would
    like for some investors to look at them and see
    what they thought about them. The idea is a
    tamper proof coin tube. Patent #s are D596375,
    7784607, and 8061512. thanks. Home # 706-677-4242

  23. I have a design patent that has never been in the US. They have been bootlegged and bow since I have the patent no one can ship them to the US. I have my own design and style and a prototype that when I wear these shoes everyone wants them they are so hot but I need investors to get the product manufactured and then shipped to the US. This is a product that will fly off thensleves. Since they can not be shipped to the us and a company has stopped the bootleg process. What I’m saying is this product has never been to the US and I think when they get here women are going to want these shoes that are so different and comfortable. This is a no lose situation. Since the cost of the shoes is very inexpensive and the retail price is well over a markup! No matter what no one can lose on this investment.

  24. James Aubert says:

    hi my name is Jim I have a patent that is a win-win situation there is no way it can go wrong I use it everyday in my house it works guaranteed in every house it’ll work too I don’t have the money to get it patent looking for an investor if you’re interested this is a win-win again guaranteed just don’t have the money my number is 541 270 0955if you want to make money call that number

  25. gervin van wyk says:

    Hi my name is Gervin. I have a registred patent for cooler boxes made of galvanised and alluminium. Like to find investors for them as well as manufactures. This product have never left the borders of my country and would like to take it to the next level. Most people are amazed by it and it for life if you consider all options. A brewery company tested it out in harsh conditions and it passed all test with flying colours. No plastic what so ever is anywhere near or on the product. If intrested call me on +264813687288.

  26. Indicel says:

    I appreciate the opportunity to introduce my Renewable energy business to your company

    We are seeking the attention of investors, project owners and general business facilitators.

    We are not a big company ,Indicel Dynamic company Limited, is a Renewable energy company based in Enugu State. At the core of our strategy, Indicelsolar makes long term capital intensive investments to deliver strong financial returns and economic diversification

  27. Shane laplante says:

    I have a building product that will cross the oceans. It not only cuts labor cost by a 1/3 but it will allow an average homeowner with little to no knowledge of the process to install this product with ultimate success. Plus Will increase the life of the product you use with it. I have been building homes for 16 years and can’t believe it does not exist yet. Need a serious invested to join me in this guest. You can reach me at 802 565 8071. Patent pending. Need financial backing.

  28. Marianne says:

    I have a patent I need help paying for. All the research has been done and it’s going to be a money maker. I am working with world patent marketing and need help paying for the patent. I am sick and need $30,000.00 to pay for finishing that patent. I am willing to share my royalities with that lucky person or persons. Thanks Marianne 847-886-7301

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