How do I find an investor to fund turning my idea into a patent?


I have submitted a patent idea to a company, and they need $1,200 to do the patent search, design, and study group before looking for a buyer.  I have no money available, as I have just started a new job.  I would like to know if there any investors that would be willing to take a chance with me, or if you have any help for me to move forward.  Thank you very much.


Naomi Kokubo

Naomi Kokubo

by Naomi Kokubo, Cofounder of Founders Space

This is a good question, and I’ll do my best to answer it.  First of all, your idea probably isn’t worth anything until you are granted the actual patent, and that takes years and usually costs thousands of dollars for the legal work (unless you can do it yourself).

Any company that is promising to sell your idea for $1,200 is probably a scam.  Very few individuals or corporations will buy an idea, provisional or pending patent, and if they do, it’s usually not for a lot of money. Most individuals and companies buy patents once they are granted.  That’s when they become valuable.

Before you spend $1,200 to have this company do the patent search, design, and study group, please do  your homework on them.  Check references.  Find out exactly how many patents they’ve sold, for what amount, and how the entire process works.  Also find out what additional money you’ll need to spend and what happens if your patent idea does not sell.

You can file a provisional patent on your own for less than $1,200, and this gives you a year to file an actual patent.  Again, I wouldn’t waste my money and time unless you’re prepared to go all the way, and that’s expensive.

On another note, it’s hard to find people who are willing to invest in patents.  Most investors are looking to invest in startups that have a much larger upside than an individual patent.  Unless you have a very unique discovery that will have a huge impact on a large industry, the chance of finding an investor or buyer for your idea is slim.

If you want help connecting with investors and getting feedback, I recommend coming to one of our Founders Roundtables.  We’ll connect you with other entrepreneurs, who are going through the same thing, as well as lawyers and investors, who can provide valuable advice.

I hope what I wrote above helps a little!

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  5. David Lessels says:

    scale your product down to as small a size as you can work easily with

    make as much of the component and parts as you can by yourself

    without disclosing to the engineers the full concept or idea get them to price for making the component or parts

    if you cant afford to pay them, offer them a cut
    of the action

    test it to make sure it works

    get a price worked out for making them

    get a price worked out for postage and packaging

    create a drawing or photo of your product,
    make sure you add copyright and or registered design to your drawing, advert and product
    possibly a set of components

    advertise the product for sale in a newspaper
    or magazine your choice(advert fee no more than £25-£40)

    ask for the customer to send you a cheque or postal order to cover your costs insurances and allow margins to cover whatever profit you require

    thereby arriving at an acceptable operating price for yourself

    test the market by offering the products on the open market

    await customer orders to come in

    if any come in then order up from the supplier and send them off to the customers

    if the customers are happy and you are happy then you have a successful business

    if a rival comes to you with a legitimate claim of patent infringement then pay them the judicial fee or 8%

  6. Vaibhav surve says:

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  7. Ronald Moore says:

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  9. Sreda Taylor says:

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  10. Ross Marian says:

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  12. Pamela Blevins says:

    I have a idea have no money to do anythibg with it just want to sell my idea straight out with no ties to it helo me please

  13. Smaria says:


    To the one who have an idea and is in progress of getting a patent, try Shark Tank and make me a millionaire show. or the one that need to sell their idea go online to look for a company that help you make and sell your idea: I have seen many, ask how much they charge for the fee first, and do not go with them. Others charge a fee to search for your idea, do not work with them. Try one that could get you a Provisional patent for 1 yrs. while they work on your idea. Have anyone one tried Edison Nation?
    This is one way to make good money, but is hard, so be careful who you work with of invest.

  14. Willie says:

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  18. JOHN Faumuina says:

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  20. Ursul Daniel says:

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  21. Ralph Colon says:

    It breaks my heart watching so many great people with good inventions getting robbed or used of their ideas and inventions. Back in the 1960′s you did not have to go through any agents or third parties or pay money like a sucker to reach a CEO to present your ideas. Bosses back then had respect for man and their ideas. Bosses paid the public sector for their ideas. Today, selfish and greed covered the market with agents controlling the avenue for your presentation of your idea to a company. Today, you cannot trust “no-one.” I have been robbed two times like a fool did not learn the first-time. Today I have an idea for all homeowners and businesses for the holidays, and I think I slipped again. Good luck my friends.

  22. wendy says:

    I am in the process of getting a patent done by a firm, they said it would be a ongoing design . That would be manafacture. If i could find an invester interested for percentage.

  23. Mark Lajara says:

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  24. R.J. Burgis says:

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  27. saleh says:


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