How do I find an investor to fund turning my idea into a patent?


I have submitted a patent idea to a company, and they need $1,200 to do the patent search, design, and study group before looking for a buyer.  I have no money available, as I have just started a new job.  I would like to know if there any investors that would be willing to take a chance with me, or if you have any help for me to move forward.  Thank you very much.


Naomi Kokubo

Naomi Kokubo

by Naomi Kokubo, Cofounder of Founders Space

This is a good question, and I’ll do my best to answer it.  First of all, your idea probably isn’t worth anything until you are granted the actual patent, and that takes years and usually costs thousands of dollars for the legal work (unless you can do it yourself).

Any company that is promising to sell your idea for $1,200 is probably a scam.  Very few individuals or corporations will buy an idea, provisional or pending patent, and if they do, it’s usually not for a lot of money. Most individuals and companies buy patents once they are granted.  That’s when they become valuable.

Before you spend $1,200 to have this company do the patent search, design, and study group, please do  your homework on them.  Check references.  Find out exactly how many patents they’ve sold, for what amount, and how the entire process works.  Also find out what additional money you’ll need to spend and what happens if your patent idea does not sell.

You can file a provisional patent on your own for less than $1,200, and this gives you a year to file an actual patent.  Again, I wouldn’t waste my money and time unless you’re prepared to go all the way, and that’s expensive.

On another note, it’s hard to find people who are willing to invest in patents.  Most investors are looking to invest in startups that have a much larger upside than an individual patent.  Unless you have a very unique discovery that will have a huge impact on a large industry, the chance of finding an investor or buyer for your idea is slim.

If you want help connecting with investors and getting feedback, I recommend coming to one of our Founders Roundtables.  We’ll connect you with other entrepreneurs, who are going through the same thing, as well as lawyers and investors, who can provide valuable advice.

I hope what I wrote above helps a little!

Comments & Advice:
  1. Denise says:

    There are a number of ways you can do this, you can present your ideas to a crowdfunding website, go to your local council and apply for a grant or go to angel investor websites.

    Good luck!

  2. Sanjay Singh says:

    I am individual, have ideas which can generate lots of money.

    I have a good idea on campaign/feedback system for any field, which will help organizations to find the root cause of issues like employee leaving offices, politicians loosing election etc.

    The same concept can be used for product campaigns to the mass.

    I need investment for the same, I have done lots of market research and I am confident to make it big.

  3. I have a plan for a new market for my athletic clothing line. I need an investor to get started, but I have the drawings and logo. The name will attract people of all ages and I would like to donate 5% of all profit to the veterans. My number is 412-680-1714. I am trying to get my life together after years of deppression, anxiety, and bipolar. It is not a large investment, to get started. Thank You.

  4. James aubert says:

    I don’t have the money to start .my patent I haven’t started but I can’t afford to finish it I’m looking for an investor this is a win-win situation looking for an investor and willing to share in the profit I have a prototype so I know it works and the market is every house so if you’re interested please contact me I would like to be on Walmart shelves soon my number is 541-270-0955 my name is Jim

  5. Doreese Hughes says:

    I’m looking for an investors who can help me invest and marketing my invention I have already design my product I have pictures, illustrations, protaltypes I will pay you back the your funds plus a small percentage of my royalties! Please this is a very good investment if you need more details call me at 3179701778

  6. Dear
    Please note that my words are being backed up is a sure-to-date Pemberton( coca cola), I have many highly innovative intangible assets. I have prepared until sample production stage them, they are natural combination flavors with proprietary and exclusive taste , Used in, juices, soft drinks, natural and synthetic, wines, chewing gum, chocolate, candy and
    Ice cream and other non-communicable disease prevention and control properties
    Such as premature aging, impotence, chronic fatigue, stress, weight loss, loss of memory, I would need to investment ideas. They are preparing in the obtaining patent stage but it is not for me any capital to continue, I need to financiers who support me to achieve profitability.
    I’m prepared to apply most parts of the world for these industries to implement projects relations
    It is now my first choice is Mysore city that are rather low production costs in the other, these supports include the following steps:
    I have very special conditions
    1-I am living in Iran and here is not a good grow place for me,
    2. I have considerable intangible assets, and not grounds for entrepreneurship in Iran
    3. I would need to good working conditions such as: culture, science, technology, Management and Finance) good working groups for I could my innovations to good entrepreneurship to become profitable and beneficial for the health of the global community.
    4. I have not the capital for startup them.
    5. I do not understand by the Iranian investors; I do not support by the Iranian government, this is while I’m a lot of intangible assets like a streak not mining diamonds. I hope to could transfer my own terms. I have attached for you a sample of my business plan.
    6- My question is whether your funder could support for to flourish outside my country? If there is such ,I am waiting your suggestions.I would be grateful if would you give clear answer me.
    Best regards,

  7. Daniel Reim Abiazah says:

    Hi, my name is Daniel and I’m from Papua New Guinea. I am looking for an investor to fund a project that will generate alot of income. My idea is to creat a Habour and the hotel were Tourists and millions can use. Any investor interested, please to contact me through my email or my Mobile number.

  8. Reece bailey says:

    Hi I have no money to pay for my brilliant invention witch will getting made in pencil vania America need a lump sum to get the ball falling I’m willing to offer 20 % of sales witch is set to make millions let’s descuse ova a face to face meeting 0456308533

  9. jon dixon says:

    I am looking for a funding partner. The proceeds will directly pay for patents in other countries. My technology was not invented in the university system like many others. Therefore I have to pick and choose which countries that I will file for a patent. I believe the ROI will be almost immediate. My goal is for world domination in my industry not just the U.S.
    Interested? more details are available upon request.


  10. Martin cruz says:

    I have a no bark biodegradable idea that doesn’t not shock your dog no patent just the idea where can I sell it

  11. Adam Mcchesney says:

    Hi I have a plumbing and heating idear that would improve every instulation making safer work places and save time and save wasting matirals and benefit all other trades on site if you are interested in finding out more have drawings and some mock up prototypes my phone number is uk 07969610232

  12. Joe raison says:

    Hi my name is Joe raison.I have an awesome invention, I have submitted my invention to invent help but I just don’t have the money that they are invention has to do with music which is a giant sales opportunity looking for an investor to sit down with and have a face-to-face conversation with I live in South Texas Rockport Texas to be precise if there’s anyone out there willing to help or at least have a conversation with me please email me at

  13. Curtis says:

    Hello! My name is Curtis! I am an investor and would love to hear your ideas and fund them! Please email me at

    Hope to hear from you soon!

  14. Zee Khan says:

    I have developed an unique app for marketing and advertising brands. It provide companies to reach directly their consumers and building relation thus boost interaction with present and future customers. It is a quizz centric marketing and advertising app. I have worked out financials and the minimum earning make fortunre.

    Looking someone who has good knowledge of marketing and adverstising to fund the project to live.

  15. Zee Khan says:

    I forget to write to contact me at

  16. EL says:

    Hi my name is EL , I’m looking for investor for my idea we talking big idea big $$$$$ 100% please contact me 954-638-8936 ,Hollywood florida

  17. Dr.David Hook says:

    We are searching for business owners that have got lucrative projects, business ideas,companies or start ups that require funding.If you are a business expert or any of the aforementioned above,then i would love to hear from you Dr.David Hook

  18. Hannah Rashid says:

    I am a Sierra Leonean, and has lived in the USA for more than six years. I’m looking out for investors who would like to do business and to trade in Gold and Diamond from my country, Sierra Leone.
    240 501 6430.

  19. Hello, my name is April. I live in Las Vegas, Nv. I have an invention that would alleviate the cellular phone world of many issues. This is a brilliant idea, just need funding. Please if anyone has the funds, I have a gold mine. Once again, my name is April. Please contact me at

  20. Condi says:

    Hi i am from the nature island of the world Dominica and I have a brilliant idea of creating a themo jacket to keep human being cool against heat. I also have in mind a juicing plant/factory which includes juicing and canning of fruits. In my country there are seasonal fruits in abundance and all are being wasted year after year. And thus breaks my heart. I have no money to start up and would like to speak to someone that is seriously interested in helping me and also funding for my patent. I can be contacted at telephone number.. 17676126273 I’m awaiting your response. Positive young woman with brilliant ideas to create billions in my homeland

  21. Abdulaziz says:

    I have an idea which can change the world market forever
    I need some one who can fund me . it does not cost a lot
    it us an app +61422615826

  22. Ahmed Simal says:

    Hi, I am looking for an investor who can help me to invest in building a fishing Boatt wich cost Nearly $150000. Which is for yellowing tuna business. I have a captain who is able to navigate and travel. I aslo have the good fisherman who can work in.

  23. Ahmed Simal says:

    Anyone who can help please contact me through my email.

  24. christian says:

    I have an invention that will save every snow falling city lots of money in their budget and can be applied in a residential size too.
    My idea melts and desposes of the wast water on site. Im being vague for odvious reasons.
    As of now they truck the snow out of the city and dump it ,costing about 150000$ an hour. More fore bigger citys…. on one big snow fall. My invention will cut city truck drivers by 60% so they can do other tasks. I need money to patent and build a prototype. this will sell it self so little marketing will be needed.. Everything with this is large and heavy for commercial use and that is the first market im targeting. u can reach me at 587-434-4293
    I need money to build a full scale prototype and money for and patent, in return for 40% of profits. Their is nothing like this out their and my city wonts 15 of them by November..

  25. Shafiq s says:

    Name: shafiq

    I have invented oil pump,which has the lowest chance of failure or damage .Their are no rings,gear,bols and even no return pressure risk .And it is also sound less It reauires a very low power of engine to work.It can work on crank shaft or cam shaft .You can assemble it in the engine or out side the side the engine
    As ,I have observed all types of engine oil pump after that I decided to invent my oil pump .And my oil pump is advance then a y other oil pump..I.have seen
    I am sure that my pump is successfull for all kinds of engine and the best place to fix it is crank shaft .It pass the oil with the average range of a engine

  26. I have a prototype (209 ) 204-0191

  27. Keny Lugard says:

    need loan

  28. Harry Thomas says:

    I have an ideal that will revolutionize the automotive industries. However I need someone to back me on patent, prototype, licensed and a few other things. This will make Drivers, roadside assistance so happy, even a 5 yr old kid can operate this Jack. If interested please Email me ASAP.

  29. Gaurav sharma says:

    Hello people
    I’m an investor from India.
    I would like to listen the unique idea , income generating idea.
    My mail Id is

  30. Hi I am now working on the project with World patent marketing I need an investor for my last patent can anyone help me

  31. Gary Smith says:

    Very simply put I have working prototypes for a item EVERY building in the world needs my invention – I use it daily in my own home – If it makes it to market it will sell billions of units -I am looking for a serious investor who is willing to help patent and take it to market – please only contact me if you are serious – no invent help scams –

  32. Dimond ohle says:

    Have a invention idea go with Davison and company. .need a investor to help get my product on shelves. ..this idea is truly special it can and will save lives of millions of thousands of people and animals. ..

  33. Darrin Hughes says:

    While I saw your comment to a question similar to mine I think mine is different. I have an invention and I have done the patent search and it came back good. The patent attorney says he is certain he can get it. Now I need an investor to help me get it. You commented on the other how hard it is to get an investor unless it is something big. Well my item will sell for around 2 to 4 dollars each but it will be sold worldwide an most people will buy it possibly many times per year. I need $21,883.00. This will have me patented worldwide. The company I am using will set me up with a license agency once I’m patent pending and they will find me a manufacturer and distributor. I will give them 10% for their services. If I find an investor for the amount needed I will give them 20%. Do you have any ideas where I can look? The sitet I have found want you to pay them money and they might not work. Thank you so much for your time.

  34. Kevin Dixon says:

    I have an idea that would save thousands of teen driver lives every year. My idea would would take off and be world-wide within a year. I struggle to make my bills every month. That would end emediatly if I could get my product to market. And more importantly it would help me with my number one priority, giving my 2 year old daughter an education. I obviously do not have any type of savings to get my idea started. Please reach out to me if you would like to here more. Thank you,
    Kevin Dixon
    (775) 221-2771

  35. Kevin Dixon says:

    I have an idea that would save thousands of teen driver lives a year. My idea would be used by parents across the country and beyond. I struggle to make my bills every month so I obviously do not have the money to get my idea to market. That would change emediatly if I could get this going. In addidtion, it would secure my number one priority in life, to give my daughter a proper education. Please contact me if you would like to hear more.
    Thank you,
    Kevin Dixon
    (775) 221-2771

  36. lisa ayers says:

    Good day my name is Lisa I have an idea for a medical device in which deals with the brain. I have had an opportunity to talk with a patent lawyer and was very helpful and gave me a lot of input and advice to how the device will help others all over the world. I was told a price range and what it will take to make this device happen. But how do I get this off the ground. I have heard of obtaining an investor but how? I am a single mother and I am really intrigued on the device being made and produced for the medical industry!

  37. Jeffrey Ashline says:

    I am a 48 year old male that grew up in a auto body shop , my father taught me to do things right or don’t do them at all , my father retired from owning joes auto body at (35) years in business . So having to always fix cars ect., I learned from proffessinals in the field of auto body I had to fabercate one thing after another. Making tools to get the job done , safety always came first of all . I am seeking a investor to loan me $ to patent my products that are in demand to serve the people.

  38. Nelu Valeanu says:


    ONLY $ 5 million
    Owner: Nelu Valeanu
    Mobile: 856.316.2080
    New technology to windshield wiper Car Passenger, Truck, After Market Conversation, Truck Commercial, Marine, Farm, Military, Train, Bus, Trolley, RV/Off Road, Heavy Construction, Aviation, Luxury Yacht, Police, Ambulance, Fire Department, new wiper & arm wiper front & back Valeanu*S INSTA CLEAN.
    It only took 113 years for an Innovative Wiper Blade System to come along and seriously address safety and style. For more information, please contact Director Of Business Development Any Elly Valeanu.
    Thank you.

  39. Kwadwo Oppong says:

    I have an idea that will really help the aircraft industries, however I need someone or a company to back me on Patent,Prototype License to manufacturing.Its two different inventions and I need very very serious individuals or company to contact

  40. Kwadwo Oppong says:

    The above email address was wrong.Please you can contact me.

  41. preston lustig says:

    please give me your phone @ to find investos for a “REVOLUTIONARY IDEAS””””””””

  42. chossy says:

    I have idea to build social media App and website like a you never meet before on internet, it will be fun I need investor, please email to me at

  43. says:

    Do you need investors for capital? Email:

  44. Leonard Markham says:

    Leonard Markham says:I have an invention that i know will make me rich and the person who invests in me richer. Now there are a lot of my inventions out there but they can only be used one way and is over 100 years old and the thing about my inventions are, its universal and will come in over a thousands colors so all i need is and investor to see it to the shelves of stores around the world

  45. Andrew says:

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    Working for such a long time has allowed me to develop the most important professional and soft skills required to perform well in a technology-based environment. My ability to grasp new concepts quickly is another feather in my qualifications.

    Kindly contact me if you need any more information. I am highly thankful to you for taking time to read my letter. Waiting for a positive reply.

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  46. Gino esparza says:

    I have more than seven ideas.All of which are totally prosperous just want to sell one so I can find all the other ideas.Serious callers only.(559) 718-7745

  47. Saeed says:

    I have an idea about a online bussnes ..i need someone or a investor company..

  48. Young Kim says:

    Next groundbreaking technology idea for health & entertainment and also gaming(VR) industry. I am asking $30,000 for development stage which I already have company who can back up $80,000 after initial investment. I can send prototype and information if interested. Truly great market for anyone who owns smartphone.

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