Top 10 Best Android Apps for Phones & Tablets

Here are our top 10 favorite apps for both Android phones and tablets. These are apps we use all the time. Most of these apps are free, and they’re all wonderful. We’re constantly amazed at the creativity out there.

1. Evernote (organize your life)

2. BBC News (keep informed)

3.  Jackpot Words (my favorite game)

4. Instagram (photos) or KakaoStory (new & cool)

5. Seesmic (Twitter) or Facebook (social network)

6. Google Sky Map (map the stars)

7. Layar (augmented print)

8. Skyfire (this browsers supports Flash)

9. Swype (new way to type)

10. Songifty (turn speech into music)

** Jackpot Words (totally addictive)

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