7 Great Startups from Founders Space

7 great startups just graduated Founders Space:

1) GemFactory created a toy that teaches parents how to communicate with their kids. Their first product grossed US$70 million in Korea. They are now launching their new product, Cody Box, in the US. Contact [email protected]

2) Boltzman – accurate range prediction and energy management for electric and autonomous vehicles. Contact [email protected]

3) FitSole reduces injuries for runners with a smart shoe insole that senses pressure in the foot and recommends changes in exercise routines and running techniques. Contact [email protected]

4) Tailor Contents uses AI and Big Data to help people more accurately find TV shows and movies online. Samsung is interested in using Tailor Contents to replace the remote control. Contact [email protected]

5) AIN is real-time Asian Investment News. Using AI they summarize investment news on more than 6,000 public companies. Contact [email protected]gmail.com

6) Ubees Lab makes a pro tracker for soccer players. They offer all the team members data on their performance, positions and movements. Contact [email protected]

7) Smart Sound monitors heart condition, manages stress and improves health for people with heart conditions, seniors, pregnant women and infants. Contact [email protected]

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