Cazoomi Launches ‘Free for Life’ SyncApps

As part of our Founders Spotlight series, we like to feature members of Founders Space and what their startups are doing.  This week, we’re featuring Cazoomi, which helps the applications you use every day talk to each other using a simple framework: SyncApps.

Clint Wilson, the CEO, has been a member of Founders Space since the early days, and you’ve probably seen him at many of our Roundtables.

This week, I’m happy to say that Cazoomi has launched a co-offering, ‘Free for Life’ SyncApps, exclusively for Constant Contact customers.  So if you’re using Constant Contact, you should check it out.

SyncApps will allow Constant Contact customers to easily synchronize data between their marketing and CRM systems — saving time, ensuring accuracy and, most importantly, leveraging customer data for powerful, targeted marketing campaigns.

SyncApps has rapidly grown their subscriber base by over 500% in the past six months, and I’d venture to say that it’s the easiest way to synchronize your applications without breaking the bank.

It used to be available only to Fortune 1000 companies, but now millions of businesses will now be able to connect the dots between the applications they use in less than 5 minutes.  Check out SyncApps — we think it’s pretty amazing stuff. Nice job Clint!

Comments & Advice:
  1. Clint Wilson says:


    Thanks to all your insights these past few years and to the wonderful community here that all our team has gleaned from with the Round Tables and free start-up advice (we needed it).

    Founders Space has helped shape us as a company in so many ways so thanks again and see you soon once we are back from our Cazoomi World Subscriber Tour, now on location in the Philippines:)