Hangzhou Innovation Competition

Hangzhou will host the 2015 high-level overseas talents innovation competition. This competition is from April 2015, mainly for North America extensive collection of innovative business projects, through auditions, the semi-finals, the final phases, must elect a number of high technology content, business development potential of the project, inviting them to Zhejiang to “Hangzhou international talent and cooperation projects of the General Assembly”, participate in the contest finals, and to encourage the implementation of the project to the Hangzhou landing transformation.

Competition announcement details, please refer to http://pkualumni.org/files/2015hangzhou.pdf

Primaries in July, North America respectfully brightest scientific and technological elite, entrepreneurial hero, please sign up as soon as possible on the Internet: http: //tinyurl.com/2015hangzhou

With the name of Alibaba, the beautiful Hangzhou city already seems to have become one of the centers of innovation and entrepreneurship. Hangzhou government leads and pushes venture capital angels to generous support and active participation of enterprises, entrepreneurship and innovation in North America.

These winders of this comppetition in Silicon Valley can get 10,000 RMB or more for landing their company at Hangzhou in one year. The government will be providing more fantastic help(financially)/business opportunities for all of these startups to grow.

Hangzhou also have an incubator in the valley. After this competition, they would like to invite these winer-startups to work at their space.

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