Startup Spotlight: Elite Crowd Sourcing Website “Cinely” offers Startups ideal way to produce Video Content

Each week we try to feature a new promising startup. This week it’s Cinely.

Why reach out to a single film production company when you can have hundreds of elite filmmakers and production companies competing to create your video content?

This is the question Cinely asks. is an exclusive online platform for filmmakers and production companies. The network spans over 65 countries and 5 thousand filmmakers including over 20 Oscar nominated directors.

Founder David Litwin explains his vision; “I wanted to create a home for the best filmmakers around the world and a method for consumers to tap into that network.”

Cinely can help produce all types of video content and accommodate any budget. Their current projects include feature films, commercials, music videos and web series. Whether you are looking to find quality from modest funding or maximize a sizable budget Cinely offers a great service.

Potentially the most appealing part of Cinely is that if you don’t find a concept, price point, or producer you are happy with there is no obligation to move forward with your posted project. Posting a project on Cinely is simple, easy and an ideal way for startups to brainstorm ideas and produce high-quality video content.

To learn more about Cinely, visit

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