What’s the best way to find manufacturers who want to export their products?


I recently started an import/export company. I’m now seeking out manufacturers within the US, who do not export their products but would like to do so. What’s the best way to find these manufacturers? – Kanastaal


Ella Zalkind

Ella Zalkind

by Ella Zalkind

One thought that comes to mind is for you to join a network on LinkedIn for example. You can search by keyword/subject and then join a group. From there you can make a general posting or you can research individual members and contact them individually if someone’s company/product appeals to you.  Following the advice below, you should try to narrow your product.  Once you do that you can start attending industry conferences and events as well as reading the same journals as your target industry and networking.

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  1. Jayseport says:

    You asked for USA manufacturers who do NOT EXPORT their products
    There is USA EXPORTERS Directory. probably available from some private sources.Try
    There is your local SBA too.

    Good luck

    ePORT Inc
    [Manufacturer's Sales Agencies]

  2. I agree, as an exporter, you need to specialize, not only in a specific type of product, but also in a specific region of the world.

    Ideally, you will become the go-to company for exporting ______ to ______. For example, you might specialize in exporting machine parts to Southeast Asia. That would be your niche, and you'd develop all the expertise and relationships necessary to maximize the opportunity.

  3. Naomi Kokubo says:

    What kind of products are you looking to import/export? What kind of manufacturers are you looking for? You need to be more specific. There are a lot of different types of manufacturers. If you don't have the answer to my questions, I recommend you specialize in a certain type of product. Once you do this, you can tap into the network of manufacturers for that specific product. The advantage of specializing is that you'll develop deep relationships with all the retailers and distributors who sell that type of product.