Design & User Experience Program

Design ThinkingDesign and user experience has never been so important to a startup’s success. Design plays a critical role in everything your startup does from fund raising to branding, customer acquisition, user retention and growth.

Investors in Silicon Valley know that startups with superior design take the market, while the rest fall away. Without smart design, you can’t compete in the hyper-intensive startup world.

In this intensive program, you’ll learn how to think like a designer and create a truly unique and compelling experience around your product, brand and business. This program is offered as a half-day, full-day or two-day program.

Topics Covered (time permitting)

  • Core Design Principles
  • Design Innovation
  • User Experience
  • Inspiring Customers
  • Emotional Devices
  • Simplicity vs. Features
  • Overcoming Discomfort
  • Unlocking Insights
  • Creating Design-Centric Teams
  • Tapping into User Frustration
  • Efficient Use of Space
  • Use of Data in Design
  • Enchanting Your User
  • Designing on a Budget

We’ll provide you with individual guidance and feedback on your product and brand, helping you to craft your vision and improve your design and user experience.

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