Founders Space Dragons

We are offering a special chance for entrepreneurs, technologists, and creative professionals to enter the China market.

Our approach is a little different. To get funding and support from Founders Space Dragons, you don’t necessarily need to have an established company. Anyone with a compelling idea for a new business targeted at the Chinese market can apply. All you need is the talent and desire to ride the dragon. It’s a rapidly evolving market with lots of opportunities.

For the top applicants, we can provide funding, guidance, relationships, office space, and help establishing your business in China.

To apply, please send us the following 3 items:

1) Background – A link to your resume, bio and contact information.

2) Your Plan – A link to a PowerPoint describing what you want to do in China.

3) Funding – The type of funding you are applying for:

     Talent Fund: You are an entrepreneur, technologist or creative professional and want to enter the China market.

     Technology Fund: You have valuable technology you’d like to commercialize in China.

     Traction Fund: You have a growing company and are looking to enter the China market.

Keep in mind that Founders Space Dragons is highly competitive. We choose only the very best qualified applicants. The more you have to offer, the better your chances. If you don’t hear back from us, it means you didn’t make the cut.

If we’re interested, we’ll call you for an interview and introduce you to our team. At that time, we can answer all your questions. You may apply using the contact form below: