Distinguished Speaker Series with Bill Reichert – 5 Fatal Presentation Mistakes, Jan 30, 2018

Tuesday January 30 at 6PM, ZGC Innovation Center Santa Clara

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This session is not another excursion into the obvious, but instead is an innovative blend of both practice and theory designed to bring you up to speed on what it takes to communicate with confidence, conviction, and credibility.

If you agree a smart person learns from their mistakes, and a wise person learns from the mistakes of others, then consider attending this event where you will learn vital insights into why most entrepreneurs:

* Fail to correctly frame the problem their business model addresses
* Destroy their credibility with bad market sizing
* Waste their competitive analysis slide
* Neglect to include a key attribute of their team
* Fall short of making the single most important takeaway point

If learning from two masters of persuasion is interesting to you, then RSVP. By attending you’ll know what it takes to pull off a room enlightening performance comfortably, just like they do.

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