DoraHacks – Blockchain For Future Hackathon, June 27

In partnership with the Blockchain Connect Conference, DoraHacks presents the Largest Blockchain for Future Hackathon.

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The top 5 winners of this hackathon will present on the mainstage of the Blockchain Connect Conference in front of investors, blockchain founders in US and China and hundreds of industry leaders with the opportunity to win $10,000 in prizes and TONS OF CRYPTOS!

DoraHacks is China’s largest hackathon organizer and they are coming to the Bay Area again!

DoraHacks is a global hacker community focusing on cutting-edge technologies, including AI, Blockchain, and Commercial Space Engineering. In 2018 we’re branching out to global hubs including San Francisco, Paris, Tokyo, New York, Seoul, Boston, Berlin, Oslo and major cities in the world.

Blockchain For Future Hackathon will be DoraHacks’ 4th blockchain hackathon in the San Francisco Bay Area. There is no limit on what to create as long as it is blockchain related. Food, snacks, and great music will be provided to better your hacking experience.

There are two MAJOR TOPICS of this Hackathon:

1. Public Blockchain Security

2. High Impact DApps

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