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Founders Space is working closely with RDR in Shanghai to host The Sino-US Innovation Platform of Film and Technology.

We’re looking for creative thinkers from Silicon Valley, Hollywood, New York, and other film hubs. If you have a strong background in filmmaking, TV, online entertainment or tech, like Hulu, Amazon, Netflix, VR, AR or live streaming, you can apply to speak at our events.

If you’re selected, all travel expenses will be paid. We can also pay a speakers fee, if you’re well-known in the industry.

Our Events:

As part of The Sino-US Innovation Platform of Film and Technology, the on-going series of monthly events (in forms of seminar, lecture, discussion etc.) has officially launched in April 2017. The platform is one of Shanghai municipal government’s Significant Projects aiming at restoring Shanghai’s historical status as the nation’s culture center as well as a hub for film production. RDR Culture and Communications Co. Ltd, a subsidiary of RDR Group, runs the platform and is also the organizer of the event series. Each month, RDR will invite a few special guests from the U.S. with distinguished achievements in entertainment & technology industry to participate. The form and length of each event are flexible. The audience of these events are mainly young film professionals, technology innovators and investors.


“Striving for the Excellent Global City” is the slogan that came out in the 2015-2040 Master Plan of Shanghai. The plan, or Shanghai’s vision, is to build “A City of Innovation, A City of Ecology and A City of Humanity.” Movie production in China and Asian was originated from Shanghai at the beginning of last century. The city government is determined to awaken and activate the historical gene in order to promote the cultural development. 

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