Raising Capital, Closing Deals & Understanding China – March 13

We will have three exciting talks about raising capital, closing deals and understanding Chinese businesses and investors at Founders Space on March 13, 2018, from 6:30-9:00 PM:

• Raising Capital – by Mike Xu, Managing Director of Fosun Capital
• Understanding China – by Yingying Li, Founder of Yingfluencer
• Closing Deals – by Steve Hoffman, Captain of Founders Space & Author of Make Elephants Fly

Mike Xu’s Talk:
• How do Chinese invest in Silicon Valley startups?
• What are Chinese VCs looking for in a startup?
• What are the synergies between China and Silicon Valley?

Yingying Li’s Talk:
• New roles and policies of the government, including One Belt One Road
• China’s digital/mobile tech transformation
• Changing consumption patterns based on aspirations, lifestyle, and affluence, including perceived value of international brands
• Case studies on successful international brands in China

Steve Hoffman’s Talk:
• How do you close deals with Chinese investors?
• How do you launch your business to China?
• What are the opportunities with China right now?

Find more information and register here.

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