US-China Innovation & Entrepreneurship

When Ulanqab meets Silicon Valley

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Topic : Panel the Discussion ON US-China Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Time : September 24, US Pacific Time. 7 pm-9pm

LOCATION: City of Wulanchabu, China (~ 500 audiences Will attend the session at The Event)

Alto Palo (Sofia University: 1069 E Meadow Cir, Palo Alto, the CA 94303) (~ 30 Will audiences attend the session at The Event)


Steve Hoffman, Captain and Chairman of Founders Space, Angel Investor

Xu Yang, Intel Global vice president and president of Intel Global China

David Daokui Li, Mansfield Freeman Professor of Economics and Director of the Center for China in the World Economy (CCWE) at Tsinghua University, Beijing

Lihua Ai, Mayor of Wuhanchabu

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