Women On The Front Line – Apply by June 2, 2020

There has been a historic gap between men and women through the years in business, especially if we talk about tech business. But Start-Up Chile wants to help break this gap, putting women where they belong: in the front line.

Start-Up Chile is a public accelerator of the Chilean Government, is looking for the best female entrepreneurs with the most innovative and tech ideas. Are you one of them? If you have an idea with less than a year of development, with global potential and you’re 100% committed to it, then consider applying today.

They are offering Chile as a platform to test and validate their product + Free equity fund of up to USD 15k (approx.) + 4-month pre-acceleration program + Access to a large corporate network, investors, mentors, and global partners to scale to new markets + Free Cowork + 1-year work visa.

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