Gabriel Avraham, CEO of DockIt (Arizona)


Founders Space was an amazing experience. Not only did we learn extensive details, in terms of planning and running a startup, we expanded our networks and built true friendships along the way. You learn to be as efficient as possible by focusing on what is absolutely necessary, and you are guided in executing those items.

The mentors are extremely knowledgeable and are able to leverage their decades worth of experience to guide young, budding entrepreneurs and startups. As a participant in Founders Space, you feel the care and effort that went into the scheduling and planning of the mentoring sessions. Each person that is brought in is an expert in their field, and what I found to be unique and very worthwhile was the open forum that you are able to ask questions to these experts in.

Founders Space is not just an accelerator, it is a thriving community too.

Gabriel Avraham
CEO, DockIt

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