Peter Chang,​ CMO of m.Lab (Korea​)

PeterFrom the basics of brain storming to perfecting your pitch, Founders Space provides many weapons necessary to any businessmen. Even if you have had the experience of running a company, the mentors and advisers will tear you down and rebuild you on a stronger basis.

After delivering my first pitch in front of investors, I have gained so much confidence that I feel like I can more comfortably pitch again to other audiences.

One of the most essential lessons were learning how to listen to other entrepreneurs. In addition, I was simply amazed by how we could be taught to control ourselves in front of a big crowd.

Breath in and then… breath out…

Founders Space is the perfect pond which will prepare you and your startup for the big ocean.

Peter T. Chang
CMO of m.Lab​

Comments & Advice:
  1. Victor Choi, Founder & CEO of SPRYFIT says:

    My team was very lucky to be a part of Founders Space. During the intensive two weeks program, we have learned how to address the market, how to build strategy and how to communicate with investors.

    You actually get a lot of helpful advice not only from Steve Austin, Captain Hoff and Naomi but also from mentors coming from different background.

    I highly recommend this program to all the entrepreneurs.

    Victor Choi