Yatit Thakker, CEO of Omninox Corp (USA)

YatitFounders Space is a truly international educational experience. It is not just an accelerator. It condenses all of the knowledge required to build a company in today’s GLOBAL era down into one month. Then, provides continued follow-on support for an additional 11 months.

The knowledge and network you gain is not just limited to the current company you start, but is something you take with you throughout your entrepreneurial journey. This way, it maximizes your chances of success in the multiple ventures that you will hopefully be a part of.

This knowledge is not just about fundraising. You learn how to build a startup business. Through the multiple hour-long workshops that you can be a part of, you learn from experts in the field, ranging from SEO, marketing, sales, idea generation, validation, bootstrapping, and storytelling. And you learn together with other founders from around the world.

As part of our cohort, I have met fellow entrepreneurs from Austria, Germany, Italy, Chile, Taiwan, UK, India, and more. The knowledge you gain at Founders Space really helps you stand out in the hyper competitive Bay Area ecosystem. Now that is something!

Yatit Thakker
CEO of Omninox

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