Why Providing Content Should Be Your FIRST Priority – Not Starting Conversations!

by Eric Gruber

As I look on my Facebook news feed I see:

* A business and life coach mentioned: Today’s challenge is to see if I can replace the heating element on the dryer……..I’ll let you know if I succeed or fail…lol….send prayers….lol

* Quotes by Tony Robbins from someone who is not Tony Robbins

* A realtor asked: What are your top 5 favorite things about summer? Mine are 1) Farmer’s market, 2) Baseball 3) Weekend cookouts 4) A sliced summer tomato with a dollop of Hellman’s mayo 5) Sunlight till 9 pm!

* A famous internet marketer who was on the show “Secret Millionaire” mentioned: Wishing you a great morning. I’m off to the gym for a workout. What are you doing on this blessed morning?

As I look on my LinkedIn news feed I see…

* From a newsletter guru: It’s “Good Works” Saturday! Meeting friends for breakfast and then we’ll complete repairs on our current home project.

* From a relationship expert for women – Sands of time only run out for those who live n the limits of an hour-glass. Become a limitless prism of light & the sands flow infinitely!

* From a master life coach: Quiet day (@ Roya’s Garlic Garden)

Now, these may be conversation starter. They may be following the advice of many social media experts that tell you to quote people and ask conversation starting questions like: “What is your favorite dessert?” These types of conversations may generate more comments, and get you more friends. But is it really helping your business?

Why Focusing on Conversations Will Not Bring You New Business…

How is posting a comment like: “What are your top 5 favorite things about summer” going to help a realtor get more leads? You may get 100 people commenting on their favorite things, but it doesn’t build credibility, sales and business relationships. It doesn’t show me why I should go to you for my real estate needs if I am looking to buy or sell a house in that realtor’s area. It doesn’t differentiate you from your competition.

Yes – LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are “social” marketing tools. But that doesn’t mean that you stray away from providing content that adds value to people’s lives and businesses.

Here’s How the Top 5% Are Making Money Using Content and Social Media

Don Crowther just put out a video revealing that the top 5% who are making the most money on social media build relationships by initially delivering a steady stream of highly-relevant, highly-informative, high-value content. Then they engage in conversations by answering questions and responding to feedback.

The top 5% do not initiate conversations. That creates a deviation from your targeted audiences’ business needs – and it doesn’t give you the business relationship you need to get more clients and sales.

The top 5% are…

* Offering tips that no one else is providing – and then inviting prospects to get their free special reports like the one found at http://www.getlinkedinhelp.com, free ebooks, free video or in my case, free article writing templates at http://www.TryMyFreeArticleTemplates.com

* Teasing prospects with shocking statements or thought provoking questions and then sending prospects to an article placement on a top website or to their blog for more information. At the end of the blog post, they encourage conversation based on the information they had provided. And they add a call-to-action to learn more whether it means grab their free information or invest in one of their products or services

* Wowing prospects with the information they provide and encouraging prospects to discuss what they had learned. That’s why many internet marketers are now encouraging prospects to comment on their squeeze pages (using Facebook) and on their pages where they offer valuable information.

By Focusing on Providing Quality Content in Your Area of Expertise Followers Will See You As:

* An expert
* Someone to respect
* Someone to listen to
* Someone to do business

Now, what kind of conversations are you going to engage in? Social conversations like, “What are you doing today?” or social business conversations based on your content that positions you as a thought leader.

Your answer will depend on if you get more “friends” or more clients and customers.

NOTE:  Article Marketing Expert Eric Gruber helps small business owners, experts and internet marketers become “trusted leaders in their industries” with thought leadership articles and content that should be submitted to top websites, ezines, blogs as well as social media circles.

Comments & Advice:
  1. Jada says:

    The quality of the writing here does not help convince me that the writer is an authority on content:

    “Your answer will depend on if you get more “friends” or more clients and customers.” – The syntax in this sentence is so broken it does not actually mean anything.

    “Now, what kind of conversations are you going to engage in? Social conversations like, “What are you doing today?” or social business conversations based on your content that positions you as a thought leader.” – Incorrect punctuation.

    “* Someone to do business” – The list that this item is in is structured in such a way that it needs to end with “with”.

    The actual content here is recycled from other, easily available sources, and the examples are transparently made up. This “content” has all the appeal of hastily typed content mill fluff.

    I would say that the quality of your actual writing is in my top five criteria to consider someone an “article marketing expert.”

    I would also recommend that “Founders Space” give some serious thought to how the content on this site affects its brand.

    This is not encouraging.

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