Bonnie Wang, Product Design Expert

Bonnie WangBonnie Wang is currently the Sr. Manager of Product Design on CapitalOne’s digital team. She has significant FinTech expertise, having led product design & development for many of the bank’s high-profile projects, including online account opening, mobile banking, small business loans & digital lending, and banking-as-a-platform. Bonnie’s also a passionate connector whose extensive network likely has just the person to help with your current challenge.

Before CapitalOne, Bonnie spent over 5 years in the startup world. She brings unique perspective on startup success, having been party to more than one exit by acquisition, most recently with a company acquired by Intuit. Having worn a number of different hats in her career, Bonnie has experience in product management, UX design, and business strategy. She enjoys giving back to the startup community by advising early stage startups.

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