Fahad Jalal, Angel Investor

Farhad JamalFahad is a seasoned Entrepreneur and Investor. His first startup was a semantic search engine company, which was incubated while in Graduate school at Stanford. The startup exited within 18 months of incorporation.

To further his business skills, Fahad enrolled at The Wharton school of Business, while simultaneously running sales and business development for a Business Unit in a B2B corporation. In a few years Fahad grew this Business to over $170M in revenue – more than 10X growth.

In 2014 Fahad helped start a Hardware company, that recently came out of stealth mode and launched a smartphone, tablet and slew of IoT devices, valuing this ‘startup’ at over $250M. His latest investment is a startup that aims to make quality childcare and education easily accessible for all parents.

In one word he describes himself as ‘Human’ and his lifelong goal is to be able to make clean water, food, health and education accessible to all humans.

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