Steven Webster, Serial Entrepreneur

stevenwebsterSteven Webster is equal parts entrepreneur and intrapreneur, a hardware developer and software engineer, a leader of technology and design teams.

Steven founded a design and engineering consultancy in the UK, iteration::two,which he sold to Macromedia/Adobe in 2005. He then helped build a startup organization – Adobe Consulting – inside of Adobe, growing from a small team of under 20 people to a design-led technology organization of over 400 consultants.

In 2011, Steven started a stealth organization, “Studio 415” inside of Microsoft. He joined with no team, and built a design and engineering organization co-creating innovative custom solutions to Microsoft’s most strategic accounts. During his time at Adobe and Microsoft, Steven pitched and sold innovative new ideas and solutions in the office of the CxO. His teams have won awards and delivered digital firsts for clients as diverse as Morgan Stanley, HSBC, FedEx, T-Mobile, The Whitehouse, the NFL and Nike.

A 4th degree black belt in Ju Jitsu and 2nd degree black belt in Karate, Steven is also an award winning sport coach. Pursuing this passion for athletic coaching, Steven left Microsoft in 2014.

He is founder and CEO of a stealth startup, asensei, innovating in the intersection of technology, design and athletic coaching.

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