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LavaMind, which owns Founders Space, is now using Corona SDK to create our mobile apps.  After a lot of research and testing, we chose Corona because it’s simple and powerful.

Doodle Dash made with the Corona SDK

Doodle Dash made with the Corona SDK

Corona Labs’ Corona SDK is a mobile development framework used for creating native, graphically rich and connected applications for the iPhone, iPad, and Android platforms. Developers use the easy-to-learn Lua language and take advantage of Corona SDK’s APIs to quickly build applications and add advanced functionality, like physics, in just a few lines of code. Corona SDK’s architecture — Lua on top of OpenGL — is very similar to platforms used to develop games from companies like ngmoco and Rovio and delivers very high-performance.

Corona SDK is available on both Mac and Windows and can build applications for iOS and Android. It also includes easy integration with 3rd party services like Openfeint, Facebook Connect, Flurry and several monetization services. Developers can download Corona SDK for free and develop applications for their own devices under an unlimited trial. A Corona SDK subscription is necessary once you are ready to publish apps to the Apple App Store and/or Android Market.

You should download the free trial and try it out.  It’s really amazing.

NOTE: We received free samples of their products for this review.

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