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Royse Law is offering an amazing startup package. Contact Roger Royse at [email protected] and mention Founders Space Special.

The startup package includes the following:

✔ Consult with a California licensed attorney
✔ Incorporate as a Delaware C-corporation
✔ Confirmation from Delaware Secretary of State within 2-3 business days
✔ EIN* [*provided one of the founders have a US SSN. For those who do not have a US SSN but need an EIN, add $150 to the package price]
✔ Federal and State Securities filing ** [**California only]
Documents included:
✔ Certificate of Incorporation
✔ Action by Incorporator
✔ EIN official copy from IRS
✔ Stock Purchase Agreements for Founders (with vesting)
✔ 83(b) election form with instructions for filing
✔ Technology Assignment Agreement
✔ Indemnification Agreements for all directors
✔ Bylaws
✔ Organizational Resolution of the Board of Directors
✔ Stock Certificate form
✔ Sample capitalization table
✔ NDA form
✔ Consultant form
✔ Employment Agreement form
✔ Registered Agent Services (one year)

Roger Royse, the founder of the Royse Law Firm, is one of the most experienced startup attorneys in Silicon Valley. He works with companies ranging from newly formed tech startups to publicly traded multinationals.

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  1. Mark Sendo says:

    I recently sold AirBlade, LLC but as part of the Compensation Package, they must deliver me a $120k rink, and most importantly, i get EXCLUSIVE LICENSING RIGHTS for the entire State of California.

    i would like to establish a NewCo, transfer the rink, IP, Licensing Rights, etc.. into this new Company. Im looking for a few Co founders and once we know the Rink will be shipped, do a Seed Round.

    Can you help?

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