The majority of startups fail to raise capital because there is a flaw in their business model or they don’t understand what investors want to see or how to clearly communicate it. We offer one-on-one coaching to startup CEOs. In these private sessions, we cover everything from business model analysis and go-to-market strategies to pitching techniques and negotiating tactics.

Topics include…

❉ Preparing Your Pitch
❉ Investor Deck Review
❉ How Venture Capital Works
❉ Business Model Analysis
❉ Go-to-Market Strategies
❉ Surviving on a Shoestring
❉ Product Validation
❉ How & Where to Find Investors
❉ Killer Sales Presentation Techniques
❉ Strategies for Closing Critical Deals
❉ How to Negotiate & Come Out On Top
❉ Product Design & UX Review
❉ Marketing and Branding Review
❉ Personal Growth & Leadership
❉ What Not To Say in a Pitch
❉ Growth Hacking Techniques
❉ How to Recruit Key Talent
❉ How to Hire & Fire Employees
❉ Best Management Practices
❉ Prepping Startups for Investment
❉ Customer Acquisition Strategies
❉ Valuations, Discounts, Term Sheets & Debt
❉ Leading Innovation Teams
❉ Targeting the Right Investors
❉ Putting Together a Smart Business Plan
❉ Proving a Product-Market Fit
❉ Creating a Fundable Business Model
❉ Crisis Management
❉ Growth Hacking Strategies
❉ Demonstrating Traction
❉ Launching and Scaling Your Business