Business Book Summaries – What Motivated Me to Create ReadSmartly!

I saw a problem that someone needed to solve. I run Founders Space, and I interact with entrepreneurs everyday. They want to keep up with all the latest business ideas, but they have no time to read books. That’s what motivated me to create ReadSmartly.

Most books are 250+ pages because that’s what publishers want. But most of the ideas in these great books can be distilled down to a page or two. Instead of asking someone to read 250 pages, I thought it would be smart if there was a service that summarized one book every week, so it would only take you 5 minutes to read it.

With this service, you’d know what everyone is talking about when they mention things like LTV, blue ocean strategy and permission marketing, but you don’t have to spend each night slogging through a huge book.

Now that I launched ReadSmartly, I’m looking for strategic partners. If you have a site focused on business owners or entrepreneurs, let me know. I’d be interested in partnering with you and getting your readers up to speed.

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