Captain Hoff’s Audio Show


The Show that May Save You! 我们的节目来救你啦!

SOS Captain Hoff is the show where guests can ask Captain Hoff anything about their career, job or business. Whether they’re a startup founder, business owner, freelancer or employee, this is where they can come to get answers to their most difficult and troubling work-life questions. “船长! 快来救我!”是一档解答困惑,拯救危机的节目,霍夫曼船长已经准备好回答你的任何关于职场,工作或者商业的问题了。不论是创业者,企业主,自由职业者还是雇员,只要你在工作中遇到了最困扰你的问题,都可以在这里得到答案。

Captain Hoff is the CEO of Founders Space, one of the top accelerators in the world. He is also the author of the best-selling book Make Elephants Fly: The Process of Radical Innovation. 霍夫曼船长是世界顶级加速器Founders Space的首席执行官。此外,船长还是畅销书《让大象飞:激进创新,让你一飞冲天的创业术》的作者。

SOS Captain Hoff will launch as an audio show. People from all around the world will be able to participate. “船长! 快来救我!”将以音频节目形式上线。欢迎来自中国和全世界的朋友们参与进来。


Want to Appear on the Show? 想来参与吗?

If you would like to appear on the show as a guest, please submit your question below. If you are selected, you’ll be invited onto the show. 如果你想上节目来作客,聊聊你的困惑,请在下面提交问题。如果你的问题被选中了,我们会邀请你上节目。

You can ask any questions you like about your work life, business, career or ambitions. 关于工作,商业,职场或者理想抱负,请自由发挥提问。


Sample Questions: 下面是一些模拟问题,供你参考:

► I’m having trouble with my boss. He won’t listen to my ideas or suggestions. How can I communicate with him? 我实在不知道该怎么应对我上司,他对我的想法和建议通通听不进去。我该怎么和他沟通呢?

► I want to quit my job and launch my startup, but my wife and her family think I’m crazy. What should I do? 我想要辞职并开始创业了,但是我的妻子和她的家人都觉得我疯了。我该怎么办?

► My employees are lazy. Every time I leave the office, they stop working. I’m so upset. How can I get them to work harder and care about their jobs? 作为老板,我发现我的雇员颇有些消极怠工。只要我离开办公室,他们自己就休息了。这一点让我很烦躁。我该怎么激励他们更加努力,更在意他们的工作呢?

► I run a factory, but we are losing money to cheaper competitors overseas. How do I change my company culture and innovate? 我经营一家工厂,但是面临许多海外的竞争者,他们的价格更便宜,所以工厂处在亏损的状态。我应该怎么改变一个自己的企业文化,开始创新呢?

► My business partner is my wife, but we fight all the time. This has become intolerable. What should I do? 我的商业合作伙伴是我的妻子,但是生活与工作的重叠让我们一直有争执,已经有些忍无可忍了。我该怎么办?


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