Startup Spotlight: Cazoomi Helps Startups to Build Better Customer and Sales Relationships

Cazoomi has been part of Founders Space since the beginning. Many of you will recognize Clint Wilson, Cazoomi’s CEO. He’s grown his business dramatically over the past couple years, and we wanted to feature some of the great work his startup has been doing.

Here are some of the problems Cazoomi solves:

Email Marketing

Marketers know what works: email marketing. But once you email your customers, leads and prospects how do you tell which email lead to the most conversions? To answer, you need Email Marketing metrics synced back to your CRM to see the results.

Only 19% of businesses have integrated their Email Marketing applications to CRM. Many still use hand coded integrations, or even worse to an on-premises infrastructure which always require serious technical skill sets.

Today, with Cazoomi’s SyncApps, companies can get up and running in a minutes, not months, without any techical skills, and deploy a tightly integrated solution for Email marketing & CRM, Support, Financials and even Call Tracking.

Integration Problems

SyncApps subscribers come to Cazoomi to solve real world integration problems without breaking the bank or getting IT involved. Cazoomi’s cloud-based platform doesn’t require any special skill sets to get up and running. With a quick email or phone call, Cazoomi’s team leads can help a subscriber with the setup.

Case Study

Company Profile: Kansas-based, Stallard Technologies prides itself on being the best online retailer when it comes to business network technologies. Stallard offers cost-effective infrastructure from Dell, Cisco, and EMC, among others, by acquiring, selling, and distributing refurbished,used, and new workstations, storage devices, network appliances and servers.

As an online retailer, Stallard offers their prospects and customers the convenience of shopping for the IT equipment they need utilizing their robust NetSuite eCommerce site. Moreover, they receive back-end support from their IT specialists and technicians who diagnose every computer that the company receives in their office and affix the Stallard coveted seal of approval. Thru building such a strong brand in the industry Stallard has been able to established partnerships with firms such as 1102 Grand Carrier Hotel, CoSentry Business Resiliency Solutions, Power IT, and Centriq Training.

Even with an excellent business model, competitive product positioning, superior customer and technical support, Stallard still faces tough competition. To reduce costs, eliminate manual business processes and achieve a “360 degree view” of the customer they initiated a review of sales and marketing processes, many which were still manual.

Sales and marketing are mission critical business functions for Stallard. Although sales functionality inside of NetSuite was allowing their sales teams to track leads and close more deals, their ablitiy to see into who marketing was being delivered to and effecting was unclear. Not knowing, before you call a prosepect or customer, if they opened an email marketing piece could result in not only lost new business but any upsale opportunities as well.

Kyle Carlson, eCommerce analyst at Stallard, began to evaluate integrated solutions in the marketplace to link Sales and Marketing. The main objective of any integration would be to provide marketing visibility throughout the organization and eliminate error-prone, manual data entry in both NetSuite and their Email Marketing application, Constant Contact. This would be achieved by integrating customer and contact data between NetSuite and Constant Contact, in real-time, to provide Sales visibility into Marketing.

After carefull research and evalauation they decided on SyncApps by Cazoomi.

The Value Prop

Cazoomi offers an integration framework available to UNITE a company’s data with its CRM platform. The Cazoomi team also helps get CRM implementation off the ground, including the integration piece many companies dread tackling.

With Cazoomi’s highly scalable and real-time integration ability, your business will start enjoying your CRM system again by seamlessly integrating your SaaS or on-premises CRM application with your Financials, Marketing, eCommerce, Support and other mission critical applications.

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