Making a Game out of Learning to Program!

That’s right.  Coding is no longer some boring, arduous task.  It’s now become a game thanks to Treehouse.   They’ve developed a Facebook app called Code Racer that let’s players compete at coding.

Code Racer is a multi-player live coding game that teaches newbies how to code a basic website using HTML and CSS, and tests intermediate and advanced users on their coding speed and agility. Players race against each other and the clock to complete coding challenges, unlocking weapons and rewards along the way.

Even if someone has zero experience with building websites, they’ll be able to watch a video tutorial and complete the code challenges that will give them the basic skills to launch a web site.


The backend to the game uses Facebook Connect, Node, CoffeeScript, and Spine. The frontend uses HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery.


It’s a fun spin-off for the members of Treehouse to practice their skills and have fun as they learn to code through online courses.

Comments & Advice:
  1. Wobbly says:

    HTML5 and CSS3 are programming languages. They program the Browser on how to present information.

    And I say this as a bare metal embedded systems developer.

  2. guest says:

    HTML and CSS aren’t programming languages!!

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