Pitch Day at Founders Space (August 2015)

The startups from our August 2015 batch are pitching at Founders Space.

1 iProperty Network

Empowers everyone to participate in Commercial real estate investing.

Jayson Sabal
jayson [at] ipropertynetwork [dot] co

2 Wydly

Cross-lingual e-commerce platform that connects buyers and sellers who speak different languages.

Ilya Ronin
ironin [at] wydly [dot] com

3 Hashplay

Brings live gaming to virtual reality.

Jan-Philipp Mohr
jpm [at] hashplay [dot] tv

4 Banter

See what’s going on at nearby bars through photos & other info shared by people that are there right now.

Diego Villarreal
diego [at] thebanterapp [dot] com

5 Dinngo (Jessyfrup)

Payment app that turns the simple act of tagging into payments.

Hsuan-Ting Chu
teddy [at] jessyfrup [dot] com


Funding platform for news-driven social action.

Marcos Barbery
marcos [at] reactonline [dot] org

7 Fandy

Location based app that provides instant notifications about deals from nearby stores and restaurants.

Parth Amin
parth [at] getfandy [dot] com

8 Grace Gifts

Fast search for gifts. Sales commission on all online giving. Zero competition.

Rodney Bates
gracegiftsincorporated [at] gmail [dot] com

9 ZocialGraph

Uses Twitter to identify users that are already looking to buy your product.

Alexander Alexiew
alexalexiew [at] gmail [dot] com

10 Omninox

Collaborative platform for teachers & students, cutting down hours from creating or grading assignments.

Yatit Thakker
ythakker [at] omninox [dot] org

11 WorkLog

Employee Satisfaction App that allow the user to track personal job satisfaction.

Yulee Newsome
yulee [at] getworklog [dot] com

12 KeFom

Location based social app created to improve the users’ and venues’ nightlife experience.

David Zobbio
david [at] kefom [dot] com

13 Totour

Aggregates alternative travel experiences in one simple marketplace.

Christian Virgil Reyes
christianvirgilreyes [at] gmail [dot] com

14 KickSIM

Saves money for international travelers by providing a free of roaming network.

Robson Oliveira
roliveira [at] kicksim [dot] com

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