Sensory Design Workshop: The Future of IoT, Wearables & Design (Founders Space)

How we experience and interact with devices is rapidly evolving. Explore new design paradigms in this provocative workshop that mixes doing and making with hands-on experience.


Part 1

Discuss the future of sensory design, ux and ui with Steven Hoffman (a.k.a. Captain Hoff)

Part 2

Pain Points in Wearable Tech & IoT Design by Josh Bradshaw from This lightning talk will cover challenges of working with today’s hottest hardware technologies and will lay the foundation for a deeper discussion into why UX and UI are crucial for wearable tech and IoT success.

Bio: Josh Bradshaw is a self-proclaimed IoT addict. He currently contracts with Intel for IoT content marketing, serves as advisor to two startups, and provides IoT analysis and insights at His March 2015 piece “Wearables Dirty Laundry” presents the challenges, opportunities and trends in wearable tech and is the most comprehensive free review of the wearable technology landscape available today.

Part 3

From SxSW Interactive to the Royal College of Art and across conferences in the UK and USA, this workshop has enabled participants to explore how future products and services will come out of sensory design.

It’s a 1 -4 hour workshop to learn about:
how your senses work
how you process information
how you can change your brain
how wearable technology can work with you
You play with:
post screen interaction

You take away:

– knowledge about how senses affect user experience
– a model for mapping sensory and emotional experiences
– critical thinking skills about how services and user experience can be enhanced or ruined by multimodal design

Using neuroscience research on sensory cognition, substitution and augmentation along with project work in accessibility and UX design, the workshop enables you to learn more about yourself and how you can make future products and services.

Every time the workshop runs we learn more. Every iteration creates more knowledge to share.

Come along and share this journey.


Alastair Somerville is a sensory design consultant from Stroud, UK.

Working closely with clients and users, he has developed a number of new technologies and techniques for making information more inclusive to people with both physical and cognitive impairments.

Since 2008 he has worked with 3D printing and innovative tactile printing systems on major accessibility projects for international museums. He also works with universities on research into the cognition of senses and specializes in tactile design and haptic comprehension.

He now leads experiential workshops developing ideas of multimodal and sensory user experience and has spoken on future wearable design at festivals and conferences including SXSW Interactive in 2014 & 2015.

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