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Email Tsunami (Startup Tips)

In this episode Captain Hoff discusses how to deal with the email deluge with which every startup founder must contend.

Wearable Tech and IoT Hardware Workshop

Come and join us on October 2-3 at Founders Space in San Francisco for a 2 day workshop to meet experts in MVP/prototyping, fundraising, IP/patents, supply chain management (Flextronics), crowdfunding campaigns (Indiegogo), marketing/branding, etc.

Robert Scoble will be moderating our panel.

Sign up here and get 25% off with the promo code FOUNDERSPACE

Who should attend this hardware workshop?

– Existing wearable computing and IoT startups and entrepreneurs that already built a product but are looking for advice from experts.

CoFoundersLab Matchup San Francisco

When: Wednesday, November 19th from 6:30-9:30pm

Where: Galvanize (543 Howard Street, 5th Floor)

What: CoFoundersLab Matchup San Francisco is aimed at helping entrepreneurs find co-founders, advisers & interns and to build strong, core founding teams. Get started networking now with a potential core team member by creating a free profile on CoFoundersLab.com.

Cost: $10 (Includes food & beverages)
RSVP Here: https://www.cofounderslab.com/entrepreneurs-meetup-networking/sanfrancisco-ca


KITE’s mission is to help startups get connected to big brands/agencies to help them find customers and partners. They have an AngelList-like platform where startups can get connected directly to decision makers within those big brands. On the service side they help big brands find perfect startup to work with.

All of their services are totally free for startups and they don’t even take any commissions or equity. They get our revenue from those big brands who are their paying customers.

Joining Left and Right Brain Mastery for Business

Unleashing Your Creativity For Greatness

Mondays 6:30-8pm, October 20, 28, November 3, 10


Enroll now for the Special Early Bird Rate of $40 (50% discount on regular price)!

Creativity is essential to recognizing opportunities in the marketplace and understanding how and when to capitalize on them. It involves involves looking beyond the current and visualizing what the future can bring with your initiatives.

Captain Hoff Talks About IoT (Internet of Things)

     Get Involved...

Nerdstalker Interviews Captain Hoff about our Internet of Things Event

How to Validate Startup Ideas