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Founders Space brings together founders, angels, VCs and advisors to help startups rock the world. Join our Accelerator + Incubator, be an Advisor and view our Events.

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Founders Space Angel Pitch

Angel PitchJoin Founders Space for our Angel Pitch Event Thursday, Sept 25!

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There is a charge to attend this event. Please register below. You must have a ticket to attend.

Ten startups will pitch to an investor panel and demo their products or services.

There is a Q&A session with leading angel and or VCs about investing basics and trends.

How to Pitch to Investors Workshop

How to Pitch Your InvestorsYour ability to deliver an effective pitch to investors can make or break your startup. When they don’t get your simple, clear message – you won’t get the funding.

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As a founder, you need to win people over to raise funds, get customers and partners and enroll your team.

You need an effective power pitch to gain attention, create credibility and show how you are different.
This is the place to learn and practice your pitch – with a seasoned serial entrepreneur that has raised $ before.

Venture Capital & The Internet of Things


Founders Space is BIG on the Internet of Things!

Join us and find out why VCs are investing heavily in this sector:

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- How does this impact your startup?
- Why can’t you afford to ingore this trend?
- What should your Internet of Things strategy be?
- Where is the money flowing and how big will this get?

Speakers will include 3 tops VCs and an incredible IoT startup that’s on fire. See you there!!

Love It or Leave It (Startup Tips)

Captain Hoff here with the Founders Space tip of the day. I’m going to talk about hiring.

When you hire somebody, hire people who are passionate about what they do. They should really care about their job and enjoy it.

So how do you know? Everyone seems passionate when they interview for a job. So how do you know if they truly love what they do?

CoFoundersLab Matchup San Francisco

When: Wednesday, August 20th from 6:30-9:30pm

Where: Galvanize (543 Howard Street, 4th Floor)

What: CoFoundersLab Matchup San Francisco is aimed at helping entrepreneurs find co-founders, advisers & interns and to build strong, core founding teams. Get started networking now with a potential core team member by creating a free profile on CoFoundersLab.com.

Cost: $10 (Includes food & beverages.)

RSVP Here: http://www.cofounderslab.com/entrepreneurs-meetup-networking/sanfrancisco-ca

Entrepreneur A Day Interviews Captain Hoff

Frank GiffordFrank (Giff) Gifford just interviewed Captain Hoff for his Podcast: Entrepreneur A Day!

The Podcast with Captain Hoff should be live any day now…


Also, check out Giff’s other interviews while you’re at it.

Frank (Giff) Gifford discovered computers at the age of eleven and was hooked ever since. He’s a generalist programmer who has programmed from Microsoft Access all the way to kernel device drivers and can expound on the “volatile” keyword in C.

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ProtoHack: The “code-free” hackathon for designers and business people

The “code-free” hackathon for designers and business people.

Sat, Aug 23, 2014 | Galvanize, 543 Howard St, SF | 9a-10p | protohack.org

Why ProtoHack?

ProtoHack exists to show “non-coders” that they too can create something amazing from nothing. We want to empower you with the tools, knowledge and community to help you bring your idea to life and communicate it visually through prototyping.

How Does it Work?

No coding is required, you’ll use prototyping tools that we’ll teach you to use.

What Will Kill Your Start-Up The Fastest?

by Jeanne Sachs EVP of Biz Dev at Atomic Reach

Not fun to think about, is it? And knowing what not to do (and why) is just as important if not more important than what to do.

There is some amazing insight available on why some start-ups thrive. One of my recent favorites (though the article is not recent) is an article written by Marc Andreessen about what is most important for a start-up – people, product or market. Click this link The Only Thing That Matters to read it. I think it’s valid now more than ever.