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For a limited time, desks in open seating available for only $199/month!

Founders Space and its partner SOMAcentral run a vibrant global startup community. We are known for attracting world-class startups, investors and corporate partners. Below is a list of some of the startups that have been in the co-working space:

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Founders Space SOMAcentral is located in San Francisco at the heart of the startup district. Founders Space CHJ is located in Shanghai at the Caohejing Hi-Tech Park.

Corporate Partners
We have corporate partners from all over the world whom we collaborate with.

We are in prime locations near public transportation and other amenities.

We provide open areas for collaboration, conference rooms, places to have private conversations, a kitchen, refrigerators, wi-fi throughout, printers, and more! Startup teams not only have a place to conduct business, but also room to network, socialize and incubate.

We have successfully created a tight-knit community and great working environment. We host events in our space and throughout the city to give you a chance to network, learn and grow your business.

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