The Fix: Women Transforming Venture Capital, May 19, 2021

Women and persons of color are underrepresented in the venture capital ecosystem. Less than 3% of VC funding go to women-led startups, only 1% of VC-backed founders are Black, and less than 2% are Latinx. And the diversity issue for VC’s is no better.

Join Silicon Valley Forum at their kickoff event in their Women Who Invest Forum where their panel will discuss the changes needed to drive the transformation of investing structures to propel funding for women and underrepresented founders, and advance gender equality in venture capital.

Startup Live

Join me for STARTUP LIVE

Think BIG with Startup-Chile: Apply by May 18, 2021

Start-Up Chile has opened all of their financing lines. If you are an entrepreneur in the technology field and want to Think BIG, this is your chance. You have until May 18, 2021 to apply to their Build, Ignite, or Growth programs!

Not sure which program to choose? It depends on the development phase of your project:

Apply to Build if you are in the idea phase and have less than a year of development.

Your Next Big Idea by Samuel Sanders

Your Next Big Idea by Samuel Sanders breaks down the process to teach you how the greatest entrepreneurs and innovators come up with their “big ideas”. Your Next Big Idea has been featured by Yahoo!, Advertising Week, Thrive Global, Market Watch, and affiliates of CBS Fox and NBC! Kirkus calls Your Next Big Idea “[a] step-by-step guide to mastering the basic skills of creativity.

Get a copy of Your Next Big Idea today. Your Next Big Idea will be at a discounted price if you purchase before May 8, 2021.

Secure Funding, Pitch VCs, and Expand Your Network

Join us on Clubhouse and connect with our global investor network, ask your questions, and get feedback on your business:

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Join Founders Space and receive valuable startup tips, funding opportunities, VC insights, and invitations to our investor pitches. Founders Space is one of the leading startup accelerators in the world. With over 50 partners in 22 countries, Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazines ranked Founders Space the #1 Incubator for Overseas Startups.

The Judgment Call Podcast

Join me on The Judgment Call Podcast, as we talk about awesome venture investments, the singularity, and being a modern explorer.

Founders Edge: Venture Quest

We are traveling the globe on a venture quest to discover, mentor, and empower entrepreneurs. If you’re looking to raise capital, make new connections, and cross borders, apply to Founders Edge. If you’re selected, you may wake up to find us on your doorstep, as we scour the globe in search of new talent.

We are looking for young startups with ideas that challenge orthodox thinking and have the potential to transform society. You must have a strong team, a product in development, and a compelling vision.

The Profit & Loss podcast with Adam Tidrow

Listen to The Profit & Loss podcast with Adam Tidrow.

Founders Pack Winner Takes All

Event: Also looking for a few more pitch companies for our new Founders Pack Winner Takes All Pitch Event.

Apply to Pitch:

Fireside with Marc Moglen & Steve Hoffman

Fireside with Marc Moglen: Interviews of visionaries in entrepreneurship.

Host: Marc Moglen
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Chainlock: Unlocked – Unlock the Power of #NFT​

Welcome to Chainlock: Unlocked™, your source for the latest innovations and developments in #NFT​ and #Blockchain​.

Chainlock: Unlocked will “Unlock the Power of NFT”™ for you and your business with interviews of top entrepreneurs and influencers.

Host: Marc Moglen
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Watch >> Unlocking Startup Success with Skot Waldron

Check out the show “Unlocked With Skot Waldron!” It’s all about unlocking the potential of people and organizations.

Watch Unlocking Startup Success!

Is this a Bubble Economy?

With the flood of cheap capital, inflation looming, and growing corporate debt, are we due for a major stock market correction? What about crypto, NFTs, and real estate? 

Join us on Club House April 6th, 8:30 pm PDT


Tune into Investor Connect: Survival of the Fittest

When 90% of startups fail, how can your startup beat the odds and not wind up a roadkill?

Tune into Investor Connect on iTunes and other platforms.

Space Tourism Conference, April 28 – 29, 2021

Space tourism is soaring, and now the sector has its own home, the Space Tourism Conference (STC).

This online event examines the business of commercial space and consumer off-world services and experiences, as well as space themed on-world offerings in media, entertainment and consumer goods.

Held annually, the STC is produced with support from the Space Tourism Society (STS), the world’s leading space tourism advocacy organization since 1998. The conference highlights an industry rocketing toward a stratospheric market value which will yield major, long-lasting advances—including lunar flybys. News continues to break almost weekly from the major players driving the charge.

Supply Chain & Logistics Virtual Pitch Event on April 13, 2021 (Apply by March 30)

Together with AVanta Ventures, Silicon Valley Forum is hosting Supply Chain & Logistics Virtual Pitch Event on Tuesday, April 13 at 2:00 PM PDT.

They still have 6 spots available for early-stage startups. If you’d like to pitch, submit your application by March 30, 2021.

You can register for this FREE event here.

The Dave Pamah Show – Surviving a Startup

Check out The Dave Pamah Show – Surviving a Startup!

The Ten Commandments of Venture Capital Funding (FREE Event) March 30, 7 PM

Join us to discuss The Ten Commandants of Venture Funding

1) What should you say to hook investors?

2) More importantly, what should you not you say?

3) What things that are sure to kill a deal?

4) How do you negotiate with a venture capital firm?

5) When do you push hard, and when do you back off?

6) How can you get venture capitalists to give you a term sheet on the day you want it?

CKGSB China Start 2021: Apply by March 24

Our partner Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB) is accepting applications for China Start 2021 (April 17 – May 14).

This immersion online program is for startups and scale-ups to gain China-specific knowledge, get networking opportunities, and win China funding.

The NFT Explosion: Fortune, Fad, or the Future?

by Captain Hoff

For those of you who don’t already know, an NFT is a non-fungible token on the blockchain. Unlike cryptocurrency, NFTs are non-fungible, meaning each one is unique. In other words, they are crypto collectibles. They’re similar to trading cards, stamps, and other tangible collectibles, only they are purely digital.