Founders Space Startup Pitch Day

Come pitch and learn at Founders Space!

This event is for startups, angel investors and VCs. You can listen to all the pitches, meet the startup founders, and participate in our pitch event.

Founders Space’s Global Investment Network works with hundreds of angels and VCs around the world, and we are looking for great startups to recommend to our investors.

The partners of FOUNDERS.VC and Founders Space will be judging all pitches.



• 2:00 pm – Doors Open

Motivational Tips for Salespeople


Here are my motivational tips:

1) Tell your sales team not to sell. Their job should be to educate, inform and help customers. Customers will love them, and they will love their jobs.

2) It’s not how many leads you generate that counts. It’s the quality of the leads.

3) A great salesperson cares about their customers, not their commission, and will always do what’s best for the customers.

4) Show the customer the value, and the customer will buy.

Employee Advice


Here’s some advice for employees who want to get ahead.

1. What could someone 2-3 levels below you do to earn your respect?

Ask the right questions in a meeting, and you’ll earn my respect. Lots of people want to show off how much they know, but few people listen, think and inquire. Those are the truly valuable people.

2. What could someone 2-3 levels below you do to get time on your calendar?

Guerilla Marketing

marketingEvery startup needs to master guerrilla marketing. Here are some tips:

– Trying two or three marketing channels is not enough. Great marketers try dozens of channels looking for the best ones.

– Test each channel with small amounts of money. Gather data and compare the results to other channels.

– Channels may work for a while, but often they max out or dry up. As soon as this happens, start looking for alternatives.

Silicon Valley Frontier Technology Spotlight

fronttech 560

Organizer: Silicon Valley Innovation Channel Ding Ding TV

Co-Organizers: FoundersSpace | F50 | RAVV |Skychee Venture | TSVC

Partners: Stanford University | Acron | Great Wall Strategy |Chengdu Innovation Development Zone | JITRI | Keiretsu Forum | NewGen Capital | Cybernaut | Alchemist | Always on | Angels Global | Coretronic Venture Capital

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Hunting Unicorns & Making Elephants Fly

Founders Space Events

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Join us for Hunting Unicorns: How Smart VCs Invest in Startups.

• Are you an entrepreneur?

• Are you raising venture capital?

• Or are you investing in startups?

This is the perfect event for you. We’ll go deep on exactly how the smartest venture capitalists in Silicon Valley invest in startups:

• What criteria do they have?

• What do they look for in the founders?

• What business models do they prefer?

ICO Funding Summit: Bitcoins, Blockchain, Digital Currency and FinTech


Captain Hoff is speaking about the promise and perils of ICOs. Join us along with leading cryptocurrency and blockchain experts.

Bitcions and blockchain are the new internet technology with the potential to transform the financial industry and disrupt markets around the world.

See you at the ICO Funding Summit: Bitcoins, Blockchain, Digital Currency and FinTech.

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Founders Space Holiday Party & Book Signing

Santa party

Founders Space invites you and your friends to our Holiday Party with plenty of startups, VCs, angel investors, service providers and creative types!

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It will be a great events with lavish food, unlimited drinks, demo tables and plenty of engaging people. We’ll also have the Make Elephants Fly book signing. This year it will be our best yet, with our partners at 1 Piece Work and Angel Launch.

The Ten Commandments of Raising Venture Capital (hosted by Google Launch Pad)

Founders Space Events
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  • What are the cardinal rules for pitching VCs?
  • What do you say to hook them?
  • More importantly, what don’t you say?
  • What are the things that are sure to kill a deal?
  • How do you negotiate with a VC?
  • When do you push hard, and when do you back off?
  • How can you get VCs to give you a term sheet on the day you want it?

Distinguished Author Series – Make Elephants Fly

Make-Elephants-Fly-Cover-FoundersIt’s a no-brainer: You gain from understanding your brain.

So you can afford to skip the gym, yoga and Netflix one time and instead on Monday, Nov 20 pamper the most deserving organ in your body by taking it out to this Double Play where a significant advance in Evolutionary Psychology meets a highly-regarded book – Make Elephants Fly – The Process of Radical Innovation.

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Investing in Innovation: Emerging Trends

innovation trends

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Asia Society and the Bay Area Council are organizing a conference that will look at the trends and issues in the emerging narratives around Chinese innovation and China’s rise as a significant source of foreign direct investment into the U.S. Building on both organizations’ growing portfolio of reports and dialogues on these issues, the conference will serve as the backdrop for the release of two reports: the first of which will explore China’s drive for innovation and the second report which will provide a comprehensive look at China’s investment into California.

IBM: 5 More Workshops in November 2017

South Bay Events:

Date: November 10th, 2017
Time: 10:00am-2:00pm
Location: Central Computers 3777 Stevens Creek Boulevard, Santa Clara, CA
Topic: How to Build Blockchain Apps
Insight: Blockchain is everywhere in the news these days, but how do you actually develop your very own Blockchain app? Come to Galvanize to learn how to develop Blockchain apps with the Open Source Hyperledger Composer Playground web sandbox and the Hyperledger Fabric. And of course, Hyperledger, hosted by the Linux Foundation, is an open source collaborative effort created to advance cross-industry blockchain technologies. We will develop a Perishable Goods Network, an Auto Dealer Network and time permitting, a Decentralized Energy Network that all will run on your laptop.

Founders Space Pitch Day – Make Elephants Fly!

Join us for Founders Space Pitch Day & Mixer in San Francisco.

Judging the startups will be top VCs, Angels & Corporate Investors.

There will be incredible startup pitches, investors, networking, food and drinks! We’ll also be celebrating the launch of Captain Hoff’s new book: Make Elephants Fly!


  • 2:45 pm – Doors Open
  • 3:00 pm – Food & Drinks
  • 3:15 pm – Networking with Startups, Angels & VCs

Jeremy Glassenberg, Expert on Platform, Product & Marketplace Growth

Jeremy150Jeremy Glassenberg joined Founders Space as a mentor. He is an experienced Product leader of 9+ years with a proven track record of growing and helping to monetize startups.

Jeremy had led the establishment of Box’s developer platform and community of over 20,000 developers, and since managed platforms in various industries, including supply chain at Tradeshift.

As a consultant and advisor, Jeremy assists businesses with Platform, Product and Marketplace growth.

Rishi Mathur, Comedian & Startup Coach

Rishi Mathur 150Rishi Mathur joined Founders Space as a mentor. He is a comedian from NYC. He performs all over the country and internationally.

Rishi has worked with start-ups since 2011 and has helped them grow. He also helps teach improv/stand-up to founders so they feel more comfortable with public speaking such as pitching their company to investors or help their sales team learn key skills that help aid with their sales process.

Divergent by Veronica Roth


I just read DIVERGENT by Veronica Roth. If you like HUNGER GAMES, you will enjoy this book. It has the same blend of fantasy, action and suspense.

It’s well written, although the ending is a bit predictable. The most interesting part is the dystopian world the author creates. I wish she had gone even further, but that is what sequels are for.

Breath Better with Curve O2


I travel to China all the time, and my biggest concern is the air quality. Beijing is awful. The problem is that most masks don’t seal well, so you wind up sucking in a lot of pollution even if you have a good filter.

Curve is a startup out of Waterloo, and I met the founder. I tried his Curve Mask by O2 Canada, and it’s worlds better than anything else I’ve used. I’m never going back to 3M.

VC Perspectives: A Journey from Innovation to IPO


“I’ll be speaking passionately about what it takes create a startup from scratch that can go all the way to IPO!” – Captain Hoff

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You have an idea and start a startup wanting to change the world for the better. While exciting, startups are also challenging. You face problems in funding, product-market fit, talent acquisition, and scale-up.

How Google Works by Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg


HOW GOOGLE WORKS, by Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg, is must read for every aspiring entrepreneur. It’s a well documented account of exactly how Google was born what makes it so valuable. It’s full of useful tips and practical advice. Big thumbs up!

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

gone girl

GONE GIRL by Gillian Flynn is one of the most entertaining novels I’ve read this year. It’s about an American couple who have the perfect marriage, until it isn’t.

As the back story unravels, the reader is treated to a rollercoaster ride of deception, murder and double crosses. It starts slow but gradually becomes a wild tromp with too many twists and turns to count.