Leading Entrepreneurs of the World Conference 

Register for the 2022 LEW Conference virtual event site:
An unparalleled group of more than 100 extraordinary founders, entrepreneurs, business leaders, and subject-matter experts present at this year’s event, including:
  • Teague Egan, CEO, EnergyX
  • Carl-Magnus Norden, founder & executive chairman, Volta Trucks
  • Ahmad Wani, co-founder & CEO, One Concern
  • Marcela Sapone, Co-founder & CEO, Alfred
  • Kerry Siggins, CEO, StoneAge
  • Jason Bennick, President, Digital Innovation, DIG Holdings, GA Telesis
  • Henning Stein, Global Head Thought Leadership & Market Strategy, Invesco

“Surviving a Startup” Preps Readers to have Entrepreneurial Mindset

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In “Surviving a Startup,” author and Founders Space CEO Steven Hoffman provides readers with useful advice for entrepreneurial-minded people who want to take their business idea to soaring heights.

Hoffman provides insight into the business world in a way that allows readers with little financial knowledge to understand. At one point, he even criticizes the American education system for not properly teaching students about finance for their adult lives.

School for Startups Radio

Tune into the School for Startups Radio with host Jim Beach.

On 25 AmFm stations around the US, the show argues that anyone can be a successful entrepreneur when they forget creativity, risk, and passion! Join host Jim Beach, bestselling McGraw-Hill Author for his SBA award winning nationally syndicated radio show. Copy an idea, execute it better, start with less than $5,000 and reserve passion for family & religion.

Habitly for Entrepreneurs

In a recent interview, Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn, said, “…the biggest skills gap in the United States is soft skills. Written communication, oral communication, team building, people leadership, collaboration. For jobs like sales, sales development, business development, customer service. This is the biggest gap, and it’s counter-intuitive.”

Competitive soft skills training is more important than ever.  Entrepreneurs are using Habitly to:

  • Better onboard new employees
  • Maximize the effectiveness of individuals and teams
  • Bolster your performance improvement process (PIP)

Evolving Technology: Blessing or Curse? Mission Evolution with Gwilda Wiyaka

Tune into Mission Evolution with Gwilda Wiyaka and find out whether evolving technology is a blessing or a curse.

Listen to the Podcast: https://www.spreaker.com/user/xzoneradiotv/mission-evolution-with-gwilda-wiyaka-int_3

Watch the Show: https://rumble.com/v12jk2l-mission-evolution-with-gwilda-wiyaka-interviews-steve-hoffman.html?mref=yqkns&mc=7zk0c

The Power of Authority with Michelle Prince

Michelle Prince is CEO of Performance Publishing Group and author of “The Power of Authority.” In today’s episode, she talks about the importance of publishing your own book and how to get started.

Listen to the Mentors & Masters Podcast on all your favorite apps, including…


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