Garlic Marketing Show with Ian Garlic

Tune into the Garlic Marketing Show. In a world full of business “Gurus” and “marketing experts” one man seeks the latest marketing techniques that are actually working, plus finds the real stories of triumph and failure from those REALLY doing it.

Startup Rollercoaster

Captain Hoff talks about the ups, downs, and all arounds of running a venture-funded startup.

For more great episodes tune into the Founders Space Podcast.

Ridin with The FinTech Cowboys

On this episode of the Fintech Cowboys powered by FedFis Data (, we spend time with a true jack of all trades, Steve Hoffman aka Captain Hoff.

We cover:
🚀 Exceptional companies built by exceptional people
🚀 Vetting technology,
🚀 How do you actually innovate?

AND artificial intelligence

🚀 How it’s going to change our world
🚀 Gene editing software (what?!)
🚀 New technologies today that make you feel like you’re living with the Jetsons. Are we aging ourselves too much?!

How to Get Investors to Say Yes!

Tune into the Selling with Love podcast as Jason Marc Campbell discusses with Captain Hoff how to get investors to say yes and fund your start-up.

– The 4 key attitudes to sky-rockets your sales

– The difference between knowing your sales style and following scripts

– The “Prince Charming – Frog” Principles

– Key Questions to ask your potential investors

– How to avoid wasting your time and detect the 5% best buyers

The #1 Reason Why Most Startups Fail | We Do Hard Things

Tune into the The #1 Reason Why Most Startups Fail on the We Do Hard Things podcast with Mark Drager.

Getting stuck, that’s part of the problem. Not growing your network, that’s part of the problem. Fearing to share your ideas with others, that’s part of the problem. Not knowing when to shift, pivot, and learn from mistakes, that’s part of the problem.

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