Generative AI Silicon Valley Summit 2023

Welcome to the forefront of the future – the Generative AI Silicon Valley Summit 2023. This is the first generative AI conference of its kind in Silicon Valley, hosting over a thousand attendees. The event will take place on July 30, 2023 at the Santa Clara Convention Center. The summit is organized by GPT DAO, a community of developers, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts passionate about generative AI.

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The Five Forces: AI & ChatGPT + AR + Nanotech + Spacetech + Gene Editing CRISPR

Captain Hoff talks about The Five Forces That Change Everything, including generative AI, augmented reality, nanotech, spacetech and gene editing and more!

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Explore the wonders and perils of our future…

• How will we evolve as we integrate with our machines?

Global Startup Festival COMEUP

Pitch in front of 700 investors and 50,000 visitors! The follow are some of the benefits offered to selected teams.

1. Mentorship from top-tier VCs(4 month program)
2. Opportunity for business expansion in Europe(sponsored by Embassy of Belgium-Flanders Investment of Trade)
3. SOCAR discount vouchers
4. DREAMPLUS office space discounts(up to 50% for top 10 finalists)

Looking for
📌Early-stage startups under $1M in funding
📌Student entrepreneur or university-affiliated early stage startup

The Future of ChatGPT and Generative AI

Captain Hoff talks about the future of ChatGPT and Generative AI, including the creation of multimodal spaces, dynamic worlds, and brain-to-AI networks.

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The future of ChatGPT and generative AI is very promising. These technologies have the potential to revolutionize the way we create and consume content.

Startup Incubator vs. Accelerator vs. Venture Studio

Let’s begin with a simple definition of each:

Startup Incubator

A startup incubator is a program that provides early-stage businesses with resources and support to help them grow. Incubators typically offer a variety of services, such as office space, mentorship, and access to capital. Incubators can be a great resource for startups that are looking to get off the ground, but they are not without their drawbacks. Incubators can be expensive, and they may not be a good fit for every startup.

Is AI Smarter than Humans?

Captain Hoff discusses whether or not AI is smarter than we are and how ChatGPT and Generative AI will change our jobs, education, and lives.

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How to Get Your Employees Back in the Office without Destroying Morale?

With the new round of layoffs at big tech companies, is remote work dead? What about hybrid work? How are the smartest CEOs getting employees back into the office without destroying morale?

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The Business Show

Britain’s biggest Business Show tours the world.

Are you bored with your current career venture? Are you thinking about going it alone but don’t know where to start? The Business Show will give you everything you need to start your dream business. If you are already a small business or startup owner you will be given all the tips, tricks, and resources to grow your business to new and exciting heights.

The Power of AI in Podcasting

Tune into the podcast HOSTED. In this episode, we’ll explore the impact of AI on podcasting, creativity, and entrepreneurship. Our guest, Steve Hoffman (aka Captain Hoff), the founder of the successful Founder Space podcast, shares his insights on how technology is changing the way we create content, and what it takes to make a podcast commercially viable. From AI-generated images and voice simulations to personalized question generators, we discuss the latest tools available to podcasters, and how they can be used to create richer and more meaningful content. Tune in to discover how to find your niche, engage with your audience, and make your podcast stand out in the crowded world of online media.

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