We work with global corporations, educational institutions, governments, and accelerators all over the world to offer in-depth seminars and advanced workshops to corporate executives, entrepreneurs, students, and innovators.

Invite Founders Space to run an innovation program in your city and learn how Silicon Valley’s top entrepreneurs and startups validate their ideas, manage innovation teams, and scale their businesses.

Topics Include:

• AI Strategy Workshop
• Think Like a Startup
• Innovation Leadership
• AI, Robotics & Deep Automation
• AI Innovation & Digital Transformation
• The Future of Agriculture & Urban Farming
• How to Build & Manage Innovation Teams
• Discovering & Scaling New Businesses
• Reinventing Hollywood & Entertainment
• Leveraging AI Ecosystems & Platforms
• How Silicon Valley Investors Pick Startups
• The Next Big Technological Disruption
• Intrapreneurship & Radical Corporate Innovation
• The Fintech & Blockchain Revolution


Photo by Umer Sayyam on Unsplash