Innovation Programs


Hundreds of CEOs, corporate executives and startups come to Founders Space each year to take our innovation programs. If you’re interested, you may contact us below.

Our programs focus on strategic innovation, including business model innovation, design innovation, technological innovation and radical innovation. In our courses, we will show corporate executives how to innovate like a Silicon Valley startup. Our curriculum is based on Captain Hoff’s new book: Make Elephants Fly: The Process of Radical Innovation.

We ask questions like:

• What are the methodologies startups use to innovate?
• How do startups structure their teams?
• What are the best ways to identify and vet new ideas?
• How do you foster a culture of innovation?
• How can companies put in place a process of innovation throughout their organizations?

Our Innovation Programs can be customized so that they are a single lecture, one-day program, or three-day course, which includes seminars, innovation workshops, analysis and evaluation sessions.

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