Innovation & Technology Series

Founders Space’s Innovation & Technology Series draws upon everything we’ve learned running innovation programs for startups and Fortune 100 corporations around the world.

    This series includes the following in-depth video lectures:

    1. Innovation Leadership
    2. AI, Robots & the Future of Humanity
    3. The Future of Agriculture
    4. Fostering a Culture of Innovation
    5. Silicon Valley & the Future of Hollywood
    6. Future of AI Ecosystems & Platforms
    7. Innovators Mindset
    8. Technology of Tomorrow I
    9. Technology of Tomorrow III
    10. Innovation Explosion

Lectures by Steve Hoffman, the award-winning author & CEO of Founders Space.

Receive a new lecture everyday. All the materials for the online course are delivered to you online in digital format, so you can access the lessons from any smart device. You will have access for 2 years to all the videos, business lessons and materials. You’ll also gain access to the Founders Space Startup Kit and other online resources. Keep in mind that the online course does not include interactive classes with live mentors. These are offered separately.


Simply choose one of the following options below and click the Buy Now button:

    ♦ Student $29 USD per seat
    ♦ Startup Company $69 USD per seat
    ♦ Large Corporation $99 USD per seat

If you’re a poor student or startup founder, who cannot afford the program, let us know.

Cost Per Seat

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Photo by Ryan Loughlin on Unsplash