The Five Forces

Coming soon from BenBella Publishing…

Steve Hoffman’s new book takes you on an extraordinary journey into the minds and ideas of the people and the technology poised to reshape our world. 

The Five Forces reveals how new scientific breakthroughs and business ventures are poised to reshape our lives and turn science fiction into fact. From Silicon Valley biohackers and lifelike robots in Japan to the world’s first three-parent baby in the Ukraine, it will give you an inside look at the limits of what’s possible and the impact this will have.

Each step of the way, it will show you how these discoveries are part of the five fundamental forces driving humanity forward. We’re living at a time when the impossible is becoming all too real, and because of that we must understand where our imagination and ingenuity are taking us.

Our creations not only have the power to enable humans to live longer, healthier, richer lives but also the potential to permanently change and even destroy us. The decisions we make in the coming years will determine who and what the human race becomes.