Digital Transformation: AI Innovation & Business Strategy

This workshop delves deep into the process of crafting a usable AI strategy. It’s easy to get lost and overwhelmed when it comes to AI. Many companies get bogged down with too many use cases and too many issues around governance and deployment, losing sight of the real goal. How can you share a big vision, yet start small and launch an AI initiate that actually works?

Our goal is to start with a simple project and learn from each step. The course is based on real-world examples of AI use cases. You will be taken through a process where you conceptualize and flush out your AI strategy. By the time you graduate from this workshop, you will know what it takes to implement AI successfully within your organization.

We’ll also dive deep into existing AI tools you can use to gain a competitive edge. You’ll learn how AI can supercharge all aspects of your business, including sales, marketing, HR, business intelligence, customer service, and more.

Silicon Valley AI & Investment Trends for 2024

• Where is the venture capital flowing now? Why is AI so hot? And what other sectors are on the rise?
• Is AI truly disruptive? Or does it favor incumbent players? This is the trillion-dollar question, and the answer is more complex than most people think.
• Why are some startups turning away investors, while others are on the brink of bankruptcy?
• We’ll delve into open vs closed source LLMs and explain why Microsoft is betting on both.
• We’ll also explore how Nvidia’s Voyager Agent has the potential to become a foundational agent.
• You’ll come away with an understanding of what’s happening right now in Silicon Valley and where AI is headed in the future.
• We will discuss all these topics and more in this session, as we take a deep dive on what’s happening right now in Silicon Valley.

AI Strategy Workshop

• How can you develop a strategy for leveraging AI in your business?
• What are the mistakes most companies make when constructing their AI strategy?
• How do you define clear, achievable digital transformation goals and execute on them?
• We will take you step-by-step through the process of building your AI strategy from zero to one.
• We’ll show you how AI matures along five dimensions of your business: capabilities, infrastructure, talent, governance, and tools necessary to succeed.
• We’ll lay out how to establish a practical AI roadmap that you can implement without spending a huge amount of time and money.
• Lastly, you will participate in a group exercise, where you apply what you’ve learned to your business.

Transforming Your Business with AI Applications

• How can you use AI applications to transform your business?
• Learn about the latest wave of AI applications and how they are enabling companies to move faster and compete on a whole new level.
• Find out how AI is transforming every aspect of HR, from interviewing employees and training workers to managing healthcare costs.
• See how conversational AI can improve your sales funnel and allow for greater efficiencies.
• Understand how Sora, HeyGen, ElevenLabs, and other AI tools will enable your teams to be far more productive.
• You’ll come away with a practical understanding of how AI apps can make a difference in your business processes and future growth.
• We will conclude with an open discussion on the impacts of AI on your business.