Founders Space helps investors from all over the world, giving them insights into Silicon Valley startups and what to look for in a potential investment.

How do Silicon Valley’s top investors identify promising startups? It’s easy to tell a good startup when it has traction, with revenue and user growth increasing exponentially. But how do you tell if a startup has potential in the early stages, when it has hardly any revenue or user growth? In this program, we give investors insights into how to analyze, evaluate and invest in promising startups globally. This includes:

• What constitutes a good team?
• How do you evaluate the market?
• How can you tell if there is a product-market fit?
• Why is design thinking so important?
• What questions should you ask the founders?
• How can you tell if customers truly need the product or service?
• Which business models work best and which tend to fail?
• How do you tell if a startup has problems? What are the red flags?
• What’s the best way to perform due diligence
This investor program can be customized so that it’s a single lecture, one-day program, or three-day course, which includes seminars, case studies, analysis, workshops and startup pitch sessions.


Photo by Maria Pagan on Unsplash