Online Startup Incubator & Entrepreneurship Program

Founders Space’s Online Startup Incubator & Entrepreneurship Program is based on the content and lessons that we’ve use to train hundreds of entrepreneurs in our startup accelerator programs around the world.

  • 200+ startup lessons, docs & videos
          1) Why do some startups fail while others come out on top?
          2) What are the secrets to raising venture capital?
          3) How can you perfect your investor pitch?
          4) How can you develop a killer marketing plan?
          5) How do you bootstrap your startup?
          6) What does it take to scale your business?
          7) What separates great entrepreneurs from mediocre ones?
          8) How do Silicon Valley investors pick unicorns?

  • Receive new material every day for 3 months
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Online Program Details

The Online Program is being used by our partners around the world, including universities, incubators, accelerators, governments and corporations. It provides hundreds of pieces of content delivered daily over 3 months, including videos, business lessons and startup materials. These topics are designed to cover the most important concepts and information necessary for entrepreneurs launching and running their companies.

You will have access for 2 years to all the videos, business lessons and materials. You’ll also gain access to the Founders Space Startup Kit and other online resources. Keep in mind that the online course does not include interactive classes with live mentors. These are offered separately.

All the materials for the online course are delivered to you online in digital format, so you can access the lessons from any smart device.


Video Topics

Branding for Startups
Determining the Valuation
Going It Alone
Stealing My Idea
Search Engine Optimization
Knowing Your Runway
Cofounder Compensation
Trending on AngelList
Interviewing Potential Hires
Leadership Essentials
Effective Email Marketing
The Beauty of Simplicity
Having a Tech Cofounder
Derivative Ideas
Independent Contractors
Hoarding Equity
The Power of Stories
Finding Great Talent
Location (Silicon Valley)
Types of Traction
Bad Hires Kill Startups
Market Research
Closing the Round
Raising Too Much Money
Finding Angel Investors
Visual Social Marketing
Patents & IP
Sales & Selling
Using Events to Gain Mindshare
Building Your Community
Qualifying Your Leads
Founders & IP Rights
Simulating Your Business
Perfecting Your Pitch
Pushing for a No
Doing Your Own Legal
Convertible Notes
Investors Who Don’t Respond
Choosing a Business Entity
Mastering the PR Machine
Alternative Sources of Capital
Hiring Interns
Forming a Board of Advisors
Your Target Demographic
Exempt & Overtime
Hyper Productivity
Motivating Your Employees
The Competition
Proving a Product Market Fit
Saying Yes Can Be a Mistake
Firing Bad Employees
The Power of Inbound Marketing
Unsexy Startup Ideas
Not Giving Up
Niche Markets
Credit Card Debt & Startups
Waiting Too Long to Launch
Planning Your Exit
Social Media Monitoring
Managing Your Board
When to Pivot
Customer Acquisition
Virality & Customer Acquisition
And more…


Business Lessons

Running Lean
22 Laws of Branding
The Innovator’s Dilemma
The 4-Hour Workweek
Ultimate Question
The Dip
Emotional Intelligence
Extreme Productivity
Renegades Write the Rules
Total Office Design
Leadership Challenge
The Advantage
Lean In
Do Nothing!
Great by Choice
11 Rules for Value
Raising Venture Capital
Win Friends & Influence People
Good to Great
The Tipping Point
The Five Dysfunctions
The Effective Executive
Zig Ziglar’s Secrets
Six Thinking Hats
It’s Your Biz
The Signal & the Noise
Daring Greatly
The Power of Habit
The Click Moment
Delivering Happiness
Start Something That Matters
The 7 Habits
Getting Things Done
Power Listening
The Knowing-Doing Gap
Taking People with You
All Business Is Local
I’m Outta Here
Permission Marketing
The Art of the Pitch
Truth about Dishonesty
To Sell Is Human
The Art of the Start
Heart, Smarts, Guts & Luck
Leadership and Self-Deception
Your Business on a Shoestring
In Search of Excellence
Swim with the Sharks
Blue Ocean Strategy
Made to Stick
The Lean Startup
E-Myth Revisited
The Wisdom of Crowds
Four Steps to the Epiphany
Thinking, Fast and Slow
A Whole New Mind
Predictably Irrational
Damn Good Advice
The Hour Between Dog & Wolf
Steal Like an Artist
The Impact Equation
The War of Art
Inbound Marketing
And more…


Startup Kit

AngelList Crash Course
Sample Investor Deck
Sample Business Plan
Cap Table Manager
Sample Marketing Plans
Alternative Funding Sources
Startup Legal Packages
Housing Options
Board of Advisors Agreement
Series Seed Financing Docs
Safe Financing Documents
Employment Law Tips
Incorporation Questionnaire
Incorporation Term Sheet
Certificate of Incorporation
Written Consent of Incorporator
Initial Organizational Resolutions
SS-4 and Filing Instructions
Convertible Note Financing
How Convertible Debt Works
High Resolution Financing
Is Convertible Debt Preferable?
Preferred Stock Financing
Common Stock Purchase
Common Stock Certificate
Notice of Issuance
Cap Table & Stock Ledger
83(b) Election & 25102(f) Notice
Indemnification Agreement
Approval of Indemnification
Employee Offer Letter
Employment Agreement
Consulting Agreement
Employee Confidentiality
Consultants Confidentiality
Stock Plan
Option Agreement
Restricted Stock Purchase
Board Approval of Stock Plan
Board Approval of RSP Grant
Board Approval of Option Grant
Articles of Association Seed
Explanatory Notes Seed Shares
Articles of Association EIS
Explanatory Notes EIS
Lean Startup in Action
Minimum Viable Product
From Problem to Solution
Non-Disclosure Agreement
Intellectual Property Assignment
Notes for 431 Election
Series A Term Sheet
Preferred Stock Purchase
Restated Certificate of Incorp
Investor Rights Agreement
Co-Sale Agreement
Voting Agreement
ABA Form of Model Purchase
Model Letter of Intent
Stock Reverse Triangular Merger
Convertible Note Financing 101
Valuation Caps on Notes
Special Offers from Partners
And more…


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