Steve Hoffman (Captain Hoff) has given hundreds of talks at corporate events, conferences, government functions, and global summits.

Hoffman is an expert on AI innovation strategy and new technologies.

Global Corporations – Consulting & Advising

• Disney, Warner Bros, Viacom, Turner Broadcasting, NBC, Trend Micro, Microsoft, Intel, IBM, Huawei, Google, Bosch, Siemens, Tencent, Barons, NetEase, Oracle, Deloitte, Vanke, Haier, GM, Oppo, Hortifrut, Novanta, History Channel, A&E Networks, Deloitte of Japan, Fujitsu, Hikari, Hitachi, Itochu, JETRO, KDDI, Kyocera, Macnica Networks, Mizuho Bank, NEC, Neos, Nikkei America, Nikko Solutions, Opt Ventures, Panasonic, Rakuten, Realtime Media, Softbank, Sparx Asset Management, Sumitomo Mitsui Bank, Takachiho, etc.

Universities – Seminars & Lectures

• Harvard, Wharton, Berkeley, Stanford, USC, Peking University, Tsinghua University, Fudan University, Jiao Tong University, Tongji University, Xidian University, Shanghai University, etc.

Conferences – Keynotes & Speeches

WAIC – World Artificial Intelligence Conference
“The Power and Potential of AI”

Global Developers Conference
“AI: Entrepreneurship in the Age of LLMs”

HICOOL Conference
“The Future of AI, Startups, and Innovation”

Forum on the Development of Intelligent Manufacturing Industry
“Digital Transformation of the Manufacturing Industry”

Wharton School of Business
“Innovating in the Age of AI”

WIC – World Internet Conference in Wuzhen
“The Future of Innovation”

Hainan International Creativity Week
“AI & the Future of Games & Entertainment”

AIMX – Switch Conference in Singapore
“Ethical Dilemmas in AI”

GIIF – International Innovation Festival
“Power and Promise of AI”

iCAN – National Student Entrepreneurship Competition
“Reinventing Education with AI”

Sunrising Corporate Leadership
“How AI Will Transform Coaching”

Emeritus – Entrepreneurs Train Program
“Innovation Strategy in the Age of AI”

Zhejiang University – Shanghai Institute
“AI Innovation & Ethical Dilemmas”

She Power Conference
“The Future of Women in the Workplace”

ZH Island Forum
“Digital Transformation & AI”

Guangxi Normal University
“Education and Artificial Intelligence”

Fudan University
“The Future of AI & Ethical Issues”

Real-Time Engagement Conference
“How AI Empowers Tomorrow of RTE”

HASH Singapore
“Global Innovation”

Hangzhou Business Leaders
“AI Trends in Silicon Valley & Beyond”

Digital People’s Congress
“The Future of Generative AI and Robotics”

Zhejiang University
“The Future of ChatGPT & Generative AI”

Hangzhou Entrepreneurs Forum
“Startup Survival Guide”

Digital Economy Forum in South Korea
“The Five Forces that Change Everything”

Digital Economy Forum in South Korea
“The Five Forces that Change Everything”

StrategEast: State & IT Eurasian Forum in Uzbekistan
“Innovation Explosion: Make Elephants Fly”

CLOUDSEC & Govware in Singapore
“Protecting the Workforce of Tomorrow”

Trend Micro: SEA Executive Exchange in Singapore
“The 4th Industrial Revolution & The Future of Cyber Security”

Stanford GSB Conference in Stanford Campus
“Opportunities in the Mobile Industry ”

Microsoft Research Campus in Silicon Valley
“Gaming & Innovation”

IBM China Wireless Startup Event in Silicon Valley
“Innovating in Product Development”

China Wireless Event in Mountain View
“What it Takes to Innovate”

NBMA in Las Vegas
“Technology and Entertainment”

Total Access in Menlo Park
“Turbo Charge Your Virtual Currency Sales”

OnHollywood / AlwaysOn Top 100 in Los Angeles
“Content is King – But Where’s the Money in Online Music?”

Digital Hollywood in Los Angeles
“Virtual Worlds, Virtual Economies, Virtual Goods”

LA Games Conference
“Next Generation Virtual Worlds”

GamesBeat Conference in San Francisco
“Finalist in the “Who’s Got Game Startup Competition”

Engage Expo (Virtual Worlds Conference) in New York
“Parallel Virtual Worlds”

Gaming: The New Frontier in Mountain View
“Next Generation Gaming – what’s coming up?”

2nd Annual Teens in Technology Conf in Palo Alto
“Teens & Virtual Worlds”

Norwegian New Media Network in San Francisco
“Virtual Worlds & Media Convergence”

Gamer Technology Law Conference in LA
“The Explosion of Mobile Gaming”

USVP Entrepreneurs Panel in San Francisco
“The Digital Media Panel”

National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences in LA
“Small Screen: New Markets”

Producers Guild of America in San Francisco
“Mobile Entertainment”

International Institute of Film Finance in Palo Alto
“Producers Guild of America”

Mobile Game Conference in Bellevue
“The Mobile Community”

Casuality: Casual Game Conference in Seattle
“Business Models for Casual Games”

MoMeMo in Silicon Valley
“Mobile Games Business”

GABA in Silicon Valley
“Mobile Entertainment”

CES / GamePower in Las Vegas
“Advertising and Games”

MoMeMo Los Angeles
“Next Generation Mobile Gaming”

Mobile Entertainment Summit
“Games & Community: Next Generation Games: From 3D to Multi-player”

Digital Hollywood
“Advertainment to Games & Custom Branded Experience”

Casual Game Conference
“Skill-Based Gaming”

E3 iHollywood Forum’s “NextGen and Mobile Games Forum”
“Generating Revenue from Online, PC and Mobile Games”

Game Developers Conference “Casual Games Summit”
“Interactive Television Overview”

Canadian Authors Association “Sailing to New Markets” Conference
“Being a Writer in the Games Market”

Game Producers Panel in Hollywood
“Game Producers, Driving The Billion-Dollar Gaming Industry”

USC School of Cinema & Television in Los Angeles
“Writing for Video Games”

Digital Media Wire in Beverly Hills
“Future of Interactive Television”

Internet World in Los Angeles
“Interactive TV Experience”

Producers Guild of America in Los Angeles
“Presentation of New Media Council to PGA Board”

Digital Media Wire in Beverly Hills
“Interactive Games on the Internet”

Producers Guild New Media Seminar in Studio City
“New Media Success Stories in Television and Film”

Breakfast@VIC in Beverly Hills
“Interactive Television”

Convergence / iHollywood Forum in Marina Del Ray
“The Network Perspective on Interactive Television”

AIP in Santa Monica
“Successful Companies – What’s in the Toolbox”

IBDNetwork in Palo Alto
“iTV and T-Commerce: Strategies for Success”

Vojo in Santa Monica
“Team Building for Startups”

Internet Content West in Los Angeles
“Internet Entertainment”

Digital Media Outlook in New York
“Technologic Partners Venture Capital Conference”

Internet World in Los Angeles
“eDigital iBroadcast Network”

Digitization & Distribution of Media & Entertainment in Los Angeles
“Streaming Media Trends”

Interactive Television Conference in Los Angeles
“Broadband Distribution & The Future of Interactive TV”

NATPE in Los Vegas
“Virage Panel on Interactive Television”

Digital Coast in Los Angeles
“The Revolution WILL be Televised: mass-market arrival of TV/Web convergence”

eTV World in Los Angeles
“Producing for eTV Across Platforms”

Digital Living Room in Laguna Niguel
“Digital Video & Interactive TV”

WebLA in Pasadena
“The Present and Future of Design Shops”

WebLA in Pasadena
“TV Meets the Internet: Convergence and Beyond”

Digital Hollywood in New York
“Enhanced TV & E-Commerce, Monetizing the Interactive Experience”

@d:tech Conference in San Francisco
“Cross Media Strategies: TV Channels and their Web Sites”

Internet World in Los Angeles
“Internet Panels”

VIC Broadband Summit in Los Angeles
“The Future of Broadband Entertainment”

CES / Digital Hollywood in Las Vegas
“Broadband Entertainment”

International Conf. on Web-Based Modeling & Simulation
“Business Simulation Games”

SFSU Multimedia Studies Program
“Launching a Startup Company”

Multimedia Gulch Summit
“Best Educational Software Program”

San Francisco State University
“Developing Interactive Entertainment”

Intermedia Conference
“Next Generation Games & Entertainment”

Startup Cause in Cupertino
“New Networks: The Rise of Global Entrepreneur Networks”

New Media Film Festival in San Francisco
“New Dialogue, Voices & Avenues and Finding Where You Fit In”

FailCon in San Francisco
“Navigating the Exit”

CTIA “Mobile Content in Motion” in San Francisco
“Producers Guild: Mobile Gaming Discussion”

Virtual World Conference in Milpitas
“The Tools, The Goods, The Immersion Experience”

PariSoma in San Francisco
“Founders Stories”

Total Access in Menlo Park
“Founders Protection Plan”

eComm (Emerging Commutations Conf) in Menlo Park
“What’s Next in Augmented Reality on Mobile”

Startup Marketing Conference in Silicon Valley
“How to Market Your Startup”

Oracle Innovation Sessions in Silicon Valley
“Innovation in Silicon Valley”

Startup Basecamp in San Francisco
“How to Do a Startup”

F50 in Silicon Valley
“Fund Raising in Silicon Valley”

PR Summit in San Francisco
“How to Raise Capital in Silicon Valley”

SVIEF in Chengdu
“Technology of Tomorrow”

Idea To IPO in San Francisco
“How to Build a Successful Startup with Little or No Money”

Silicon Valley Technology Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum
“Era of Innovation: The Internet of Everything”

AngelLauch in San Francisco
“Perfecting Your Pitch”

USC Youth Entrepreneurs Conference in Los Angeles
“How to Launch Your Startups”

Selling Your Startup in San Francisco
“How to Sell Your Startup to Investors, Customers & Employees”

Angels Global Startup Summit in Silicon Valley
“Startup Magic: How to Innovate”

On-Demand & Sharing Economy in San Francisco
“Problems & Promise with the On-Demand & Sharing Economy”

SVIEF Smart Device Summit in Santa Clara
“Smart Devices”

Big Data Application Conference
“Technology Trends in Silicon Valley”

CEIBS in Shanghai
“Innovating Like a Startup”

INS Conference in Beijing
“Technology of Tomorrow”

TEIC Startup Bootcamp in Taipei
“How to Innovate in Silicon Valley”

NCTU Startup Bootcamp in Sinchu
“Getting Your Startup Funded”

Bitcoin Panel in Silicon Valley
“What You & Your Startup Need to Know about Bitcoins”

Startup Basecamp in San Francisco
“How to Pitch Investors”

PR Summit in San Francisco
“Major Capital Funding and Your Company’s Arrival”

F50 at Computer History Museum in Mountain View
“The Golden Rules of Startups”

French Connection in San Francisco
“Starting up in Silicon Valley”

Angel Pitch Competition at Pillsbury in Silicon Valley
“How to Attract Investors”

USA Angels Group in Silicon Valley
“Creating Breakthrough Companies”

beGlobal Conference in San Francisco
“What It Takes to Survive in Silicon Valley

IoT Future in Menlo Park
“The Internet of Things is Coming!”

LaunchFEST in San Francisco
“Doing Startups the Right Way”

Hello Startups Dutch Pitch Night in Palo Alto
“How to Create Unicorns”

Spain Chamber of Commerce Event in San Francisco
“Think Like a Startup”

Belgian Pitch Competition in Palo Alto
“Innovation and the Startup Machine”

Born2Global Pitch Night in Palo Alto
“Breaking Through in Silicon Valley”

App Circus in San Francisco
“Going Global with Innovation”

IBM SmartCamp in Silicon Valley
“What It Takes to Succeed with Your Startup”

Polish Startup event at RocketStudios in San Francisco
“Success in Silicon Valley”

SportsTech and the Business of Sports in San Francisco
“How Sports Startups Thrive”

LaunchFEST in San Francisco
“Tech Trends and Predictions – the Next Big Thing”

Lean Startup Machine in San Francisco
“The Lean Startup Methodology: Case Studies”

Startup Learning in San Francisco
“Funding & Explosive Product Market Fit”

AngelLaunch TechFest Venture Forum in San Francisco
“Venture Pitch: Tech Trends and Attracting Funding”

Berkeley-Haas Asia Business Conference in San Francisco
“Startup Mechanics & Innovation”

SVIEF Start-up Spring Contest in Silicon Valley
“Great Heroes & What They Can Teach Us”

AAMA Conference in Taipei
“Innovation the Creative Spirit”

AngelLauch in San Francisco
“Raising Financing for Seed and Series A”

Business Next Media in Taipei
“How to Build and Launch a Startup”

Tsinghua Summit at Intel Headquarters in Santa Clara
“What’s Coming Next”

RDR Tech Summit in Shanghai
“How to Create a Unicorn”

China Connection at Sofia University in Palo Alto
“Innovation Around the World”

MB5 Conference in Silicon Valley
“Funding in Silicon Valley”

BusinessNext Conference in Taiwan
“Innovation in Asia”

Crossing the Chasm
“Taking Your Startup to the Next Level”

SVIEF in Mountain View
“Innovating and Learning from Mistakes”

ZHIsland in Beijing
“Global Technology Trends”

AngelLaunch Pitch Boot Camp in Silicon Valley
“Strategies to Attract Investors and Present Your Pitch”

Investor in Startups at Academy of Arts in San Francisco
“Angel Investing in Startups”

Perkins Coie Startup Panel in Palo Alto
“Raising Capital for Startups”

Harvard Alumni Angels Conference in Silicon Valley
“Angel Investing in Startups”

Startup Cause in Cupertino
“New Networks: The Rise of Global Entrepreneur Networks”

New Media Film Festival in San Francisco
“New Dialogue, Voices & Avenues and Finding Where You Fit In”

FailCon in San Francisco
“Navigating the Exit”

PariSoma in San Francisco
“Founders Stories”

Total Access in Menlo Park
“Founders Protection Plan”

eComm Emerging Commutations Conference in Menlo Park
“What’s Next in Augmented Reality on Mobile”