Founders Space offers an Elite Startup Advisory Program designed to help entrepreneurs transform their business, solve critical problems, and advance to the next level.

You will receive personalized, one-on-one coaching and advisory sessions with a Founders Space instructor.

Session Topics include…

❉ Preparing Your Pitch
❉ Investor Deck Review
❉ How Venture Capital Works
❉ Business Model Analysis
❉ Go-to-Market Strategies
❉ Surviving on a Shoestring
❉ Product Validation
❉ How & Where to Find Investors
❉ Killer Sales Presentation Techniques
❉ Strategies for Closing Critical Deals
❉ How to Negotiate & Come Out On Top
❉ Product Design & UX Review
❉ Marketing and Branding Review
❉ Personal Growth & Leadership
❉ What Not To Say in a Pitch
❉ Growth Hacking Techniques
❉ How to Recruit Key Talent
❉ How to Hire & Fire Employees
❉ Best Management Practices
❉ Prepping Startups for Investment
❉ Customer Acquisition Strategies
❉ Valuations, Discounts, Term Sheets & Debt
❉ Leading Innovation Teams
❉ Targeting the Right Investors
❉ Putting Together a Smart Business Plan
❉ Proving a Product-Market Fit
❉ Creating a Fundable Business Model
❉ Crisis Management
❉ Growth Hacking Strategies
❉ Demonstrating Traction
❉ Launching and Scaling Your Business

NOTE: We make no guarantee of you receiving venture funding. These consultations are advisory in nature and do not include investment in your company or introductions. They are intended to provide you with critical feedback, strategy, and executive coaching.

The Program also includes full access to our Online Startup Program and Online Innovation Program for your entire team.

If you’re interested, contact us, and we’ll get back to you with the next steps.