AI & the Future of Education

A group from South Korea came to Founders Space today. We talked about how AI is going to impact education. It’s my belief that teachers and even universities won’t be necessary in the future.

Right now, we use universities to filter people. If you went to MIT or Harvard, everyone assumes you’re brilliant and companies line up to hire you. But all it really means is that you are great at taking tests.

Yes, you’re probably smart, but not necessarily brilliant. Intelligence is much more complex than being good at exams. AI will be able to much more accurately measure someone’s intelligence, creativity, emotional IQ, street smarts, and other capabilities.

As education migrates online, the traditional offline institutions will pale in comparison. Taking exams will no longer be necessary. What will become more important is the data gathered as people interact with one another, the world, and the software itself.

The AI will reveal who is actually most capable and what their strengths and weaknesses are, while at the same time helping them to learn how to think creatively and solve hard problems much better than any school or university we have today.

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