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Where can I find Delaware corporate formation documents? I’m launching a startup where I plan to get venture funding.


I’m launching a startup where I plan to get venture funding.   Where can I find Delaware corporate formation documents?  I’m looking for angel & VC funding, so I want something that would be acceptable to both.


Below is a link to the formation documents for a Delaware Corporation provided by Orrick.  You need to check with your counsel to make sure these work with your company.

Go see Corporate Formation Docs

Incorporation Questionnaire

LLC vs. S Corp — Incorporating Your Startup

Which entity is best for a start-up?

First, let’s define each type of entity and how they can be formed.  Then we will discuss which is best.

An LLC (Limited Liability Company) is a hybrid of a partnership and Corporation.  Instead of “Shareholders”, owners are referred to as “Members”.  In a corporation there are officers that run the company, such as President, Treasurer, Secretary.  With an LLC there are no officers, instead they are referred to as “Managers”.

Starting Your Own Business

by Martin Vivek

Starting your own business is exciting. Putting your dream in action, ideas down on paper and out for the world to see can be challenging. Becoming an entrepreneur can hold some difficulties. You must be prepared for hard work, planning every aspect of the business and how it will become profitable, meticulous organization, and strong dedication.

Best Advice on Starting a Business

Best Advice on Starting a Business – Entrepreneurs from The Lean StartupConference relay the best advice others gave them when they first set out to start a business.

This video and article was produced by David Spark, who was reporting for the New Relic Blog ( at The Lean Startup Conference in San Francisco.

Are there any laws I need to follow when issuing stock to founders in different states?

Naomi Kokubo

Naomi Kokubo

Question: One of our founders asked us, “We’re starting the company with founders residing in more than one state.  Are there any laws that we should be aware of?”

Answer by Naomi Kokubo, Editor of Founders Space

I’m a big fan of Startup Law 101 series:

You need to look at the securities law surrounding the founder’s stock purchase and what is known as “blue sky” laws:

What are the advantages & disadvantages of incorporating in Delaware?

Naomi Kokubo

Naomi Kokubo

Question: What are the advantages and disadvantages of incorporating in Delaware?  I hear it’s important for an IPO, but if we don’t plan on going public anytime soon, should I bother to incorporate in Delaware?

Answer by Naomi Kokubo, Editor of Founders Space

That’s a really good question.  We did some research and we found an interesting article on the advantages and disadvantages of incorporating in Delaware.

Perfecting Your Investor Pitch

Bill Reichert

Bill Reichert

by Bill Reichert at Garage Technology Ventures

Endless articles, books, and blogs have been written on the topic of business plan presentations and pitching to investors. In spite of this wealth of advice, almost every entrepreneur gets it wrong. Why? Because most guides to pitching your company miss the central point: The purpose of your pitch is to sell, not to teach. Your job is to excite, not to educate.

Where can I find a stock plan & equity compensation documents?

Dan Walter

Dan Walter

Below is a link to the Equity Compensation Documents provided by Orrick.  These are a good starting point, but we still highly recommend that you speak with your attorney and go over these documents together.

Go see Equity Compensation Docs

Stock Plan

Many companies use employee stock options to compensate, retain, and attract employees. The Stock Plan is the general governing document containing the standard terms and conditions of the options to be granted. This document represents the standard provisions for a Silicon Valley start-up company.

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