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Austin Degenhardt, Founder of Paul Hardt (US)

Founders Space adds value in ways you don’t always see. Their online resources are great with boiler plate documents, a video / email series, advice, and connections for early stage companies that only a long career and Silicon Valley can get you.

If you want to learn how to pitch this is the place for you. Steve Austin is the Pitch-Trainer and he does not play around. He will tell you exactly what you need to do to get your message across clearly – AND IT WORKS. I now can pitch my business in 45 seconds, two minutes and 3 minutes.

Sangwoon Chie of WiseJet (Korea)

Participating in the Founder Space Program was a valuable experience for our company as well as myself. I truly appreciate the help from Captain Steve Hoffman, Naomi Kokubo, Steve Austin and all other speakers.

From the 2 weeks program, I learned about the essential values of the start-up and how to apply them to our case. It was also a great opportunity to improve my pitch deck with the training of Steve Austin and all advices from the experienced mentors.

Liz Godwin, Cofounder of Seknova (Taiwan)

Founders Space is not what you would expect from the average accelerator program. Instead of coddling you, telling you how great your company is, and giving you overly basic and optimistic overviews of starting a company, the FS Program breaks your business down to its very core with classes designed to test and provoke you. The program is by no means easy and forces you to face the reality that your idea and business plan are not as perfect as you think they are. But this reality check is exactly what startup founders need.

Barry Wang, Cofounder of Seknova (Taiwan)

I am glad I joined the 2-week program at Founders Space. This awesome place provides greatest class for startups, and I especially enjoyed the mentor Steve Austin’s class.

He trained us and improved our pitch to higher level. He shared his abundant sales experiences in America and other countries. He let me know the key value of operating a company in just 2 weeks.

I also enjoyed the communication with many great entrepreneurs from different countries. Learning and teaching from each other and grew together.

Kwon Ik Hwan, Founder of Schaffengott (Korea)

Over the last six years, I have been involved in many entrepreneurial training programs in Silicon Valley, USA.
For the most part, a similar pattern of education was far from realistic and took too much time.

But Founders Space’s enthusiastic mentors and realistic lectures gave us a lot of enthusiasm and joy.

It was always a dark night at the end of the training, but it burned up a passion as hot as it returned to high school.

Peter Park COO of GreenZone Security (Korea)

“Excellent Startup Program and great fun!”

It was great participating in Founders Space’s accelerator program. Captain Steve Hoffman, Naomi Kokubo, and Steve Austin — they all helped develop an easy to understand IR pitch deck in the manner and methodologies perfected throughout the program. I would highly recommend their take to get up-to-date on the latest, best learning available.

Renato Ignacio, Founder of Minubia (Curaçao)

It was absolutely amazing to participate in two Founderspace programs: First in Curaçao and then in Silicon Valley itself. We really appreciate the broad scope and high quality of the sessions. All very interesting and real eye-openers.

With the enthusiastic leadership of Captain Hoff and the excellent guidance of Naomi we were able to enjoy the program and get truly inspired. And then there was our mentor and sometimes drill-sergeant Steve Austin. Incredible how much we learned from him in a short amount of time. Showing us how to mold our message and bridge the cultural differences elevated our pitch to another level.

Warren Friesner, CEO of Language Hero (USA)

Founders Space is unique among all accelerator or incubator programs I’ve participated in because it creates an immersive environment for learning and forces Companies to really pay attention to their fundamentals in terms of business models and how they communicate who they are to others. It’s particularly good in how it helps us see things from the Investor and customer side, rather than from our own sometimes sheltered point of view.

Andrew Koob, Co-owner of ViewPointSystem (Austria)

Andrew150Having the opportunity to participate at the Founders Space accelerator program was a one in a lifetime experience I will never forget. If I think of it, the program already started weeks before in Vienna when Steve Austin clearly made me understand how things work in Silicon Valley and what I need to learn to make things happen here – Thanks Steve!

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