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Which Technologies Should Startup Founders Be Focused on Right Now?

There are many technologies that startup founders may want to consider focusing on, depending on the nature of their business and their goals. Here are a few technologies that may be particularly relevant for startup founders:

Cloud computing: Cloud computing allows companies to store and access data and applications over the internet, rather than on a local server. This can be a cost-effective and scalable solution for startups that need to store and access large amounts of data.

Cut the crap, and write some code

by Charles Neill

You don’t have to be Neo to start programming…

When I was in kindergarten, my mother found out that there was no full-time computer lab teacher at my school. This was Austin in the early ‘90s, and we had a lot of parents who worked at tech firms like IBM and Dell, but kids were only learning how to touch-type. My mother and another woman got together and ultimately ran the computer lab full-time.

Multivariate Testing for Web Shop Owners

Ruben Corbo, Freelance Writer

In this modern age of the web, designing a website doesn’t have to rely on trial and error. Once the initial concept, building, and launching phase is done, there are tools you can use to tweak the design here are there to make sure your web shop is getting those much needed conversions. You may not have to spring for that expensive re-design afterall, if you discover small adjustments to the elements on your pages lead to conversions.

12 Ways to Turn Your iPhone or Android Game into a Money Machine

Here are some tips for bringing home the bacon when you launch your iPhone or Android game.

1) If a player attempts to make a purchase a virtual item but lacks the currency required, always ask them if they would like to purchase more virtual currency. This has been proven to greatly increase monetization.

2) It’s smart to price IAP bundles of virtual currency between $2.99 and $49.99. That will maximize revenue.


So much has happened in the App Store. Tons of new apps, a new iTunes Store design on iOS6 and the Mac. We thought now would be a good time to get some perspective and look back at this very healthy and very busy app economy.

Before you dive into our insanely amazing and priceless infographic, here are some of the observations:

  • The App Store is a very healthy ecosystem with well over 1 million apps ever created and approved by Apple

Multivariate Testing Basics for Those That Don’t

Ruben Corbo, Freelance Writer

Multivariate testing does sound a bit too technical and daunting especially to those who don’t know a thing or two about algorithms, traffic, web design and software operations. But rest assured that once you understood the core of the process, going through the complexities of the test would come across as a breeze.

Everything becomes easier when you get the right kind of help.

5 Mistakes to Avoid in Software Development Projects

Igor Royzis

Igor Royzis

by Igor Royzis, Hands-on CTO

Not having a well defined methodology. Would you attempt to build a house without following a specific set of rules, best practices and sequence of tasks? Then why so many development shops think they can just through 5 or 20 developers into a room and let them decide how to approach the project without any clear direction and methodology? Introducing methodology from day one is the most important success factor for medium to large projects. So please, don’t accept “we’ll get to it later” or “we don’t have time to introduce a methodology right now”. Stick to your guns and insist on clearly defined methodology if you want to improve chances of success.

Why I Attended WordCamp

Suzen Pettit

Suzen Pettit

by Suzen Pettit at Omaginarium

One of the best and the most challenging parts of what I do is the constant upgrading and self-educating of my…professional self. In the field of online marketing, SEO and internet advancements, this world is spinning so fast it is hard-(really hard! )to stay ahead of the curve. Forget ahead, actually. I figure if I stay somewhat abreast of the most important elements — the things that are going to impact my clients, my own business and the future of our industry, I am doing my job. And it’s continuous! And it’s all good!

Need Help Creating Great-Looking Apps? Tapptics to the Rescue

For any of you who attended our session on “How to Create & Market Award-Winning Apps,” you’re already aware that having a great-looking app is not a luxury any more.  It’s a necessity.  And if you ever hope to get featured by Apple, it’s a must have.  A poor looking UI or not-so-great icon can kill your chances of ever getting to the top of the App Store.

HTML 5 vs. Adobe Flash — Which Should you Choose?

According to Wikipedia, Flash has been in existence since 1996 and, because of this, has a strong base of developers and users. According to Adobe statistics, Flash has reached 99% penetration on Web browsers, while HTML 5 has a 40% penetration.

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