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An Authentic and Inspiring Guide to Creative Entrepreneurship

Sam Aquillano’s Adventures in Disruption: How to Start, Survive, and Succeed as a Creative Entrepreneur is a must-read for those looking to blend their passions with solid business strategies. This book isn’t your standard business guide; it’s an engaging and personal chronicle of Aquillano’s experience launching Design Museum Everywhere – a truly unique, disruptive business.

Key Strengths

Relatable Storytelling: Aquillano’s honest storytelling draws you in. He doesn’t shy away from the mistakes and challenges, offering vulnerability that resonates with aspiring entrepreneurs.

Your Hidden Advantage: Unlock the Power to Attract Right-fit Clients and Boost Your Revenue

Check out Patty’s Blocks new book Your Hidden Advantage and her Virtual Program to discover and unlock your hidden advantage.

How do you know if you’re heading in the right direction? As a woman business owner, do you doubt yourself more often than you’d like to admit? Do you long to reach your business goals faster and reignite your passion?

Unlock Your Hidden Advantage – your special ability that builds value in your business – and you’ll uncover answers to your most challenging questions.

“Surviving a Startup” Preps Readers to have Entrepreneurial Mindset

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In “Surviving a Startup,” author and Founders Space CEO Steven Hoffman provides readers with useful advice for entrepreneurial-minded people who want to take their business idea to soaring heights.

Hoffman provides insight into the business world in a way that allows readers with little financial knowledge to understand. At one point, he even criticizes the American education system for not properly teaching students about finance for their adult lives.

10,000 Startups: Legal Strategies For Startup Success by Roger Royce

Every entrepreneur should read this 10,000 Startups: Legal Strategies For Startup Success.

Roger Royse has practiced law since 1984 and has been working with Silicon Valley startups since 1991. During that time, Roger has counseled thousands of companies, many of which went on to successful exits or grew to become large companies. All of the successful companies described in this book were helped in their journey by good legal planning in areas such as corporate, tax, intellectual property, employment and securities law.

Business Black Belt by Burke Franklin

Business Black Belt by Burke Franklin is a must read for every entrepreneur. Here’s 40+ years worth of wisdom to expand your entrepreneurial emotional intelligence…

Written to expand self-awareness for entrepreneurs who want to survive and thrive, make money, enjoy themselves, and grow personally.

From Impressed to Obsessed by Jon Picoult

Jon Picoult’s new book From Impressed to Obsessed is a must read for any entrepreneur aspiring to satisfy their customers.

Acclaimed customer experience expert Jon Picoult explains why building customer loyalty requires leaving indelible positive impressions on everyone you work with―not just shaping their experiences, but also shaping their memories.

The Startup of Seinfeld

The Startup of Seinfeld is a brilliant concept. It teaches entrepreneurship by giving examples from Seinfeld episodes. It even links to those clips on YouTube, so you can watch them. I’m not joking. It’s equally informative, well researched, and hilarious. You have to check it out.

Patient H.M. by Luke Dittrich

Patient H.M.

Patient H.M. by Luke Dittrich is one of the most fascinating and terrifying books I’ve ever read. It delves into the gray area of gray matter, describing the horrifying truth behind how society has treated mental patients. This includes giving lobotomies to thousands of patients without their consent for decades.

Patient H.M. is both a personal odyssey and a cautionary tale, as well as deeply researched piece of scientific journalism. Kudos to Dittrich, whose writing abilities and attention to detail illuminate this tragic chapter in our medical history.

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